Release Dates

BORRACHO "ATACAMA", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 02/12/2016
BUDDHA SENTENZA "Semaphora", World In Sonud, 01/12/2016
CHILD "Blueside", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 02/12/2016
CRANEIUM "Explore The Void", Ripple Music, 09/12/2016
ET MORIEMUR "Ex Nihilo In Nihilum" (re-release), Minotauro Records, 06/12/2016
KINGLORD s/t, self-release, 06/12/2016
NAKED STAR "Ancient Rites", The Church Within Records / Voice Of Azram, 16/12/2016
RED MESA / BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH split, Ripple Music, 09/12/2016
SHAMAN ELEPHANT "Crystals", Karisma Records, 09/12/2016
SHAPE OF DESPAIR "Alone In The Mist" (Demo 1998), Season Of Mist, 09/12/2016
SITHTER "Chaotic Fiend", Bonten Records, 09/12/2016
SOOTHSAYER "At This Great Depth", Transcending Obscurity Records, 30/12/2016
STONE SHIP "The Eye", Feuer Publications, 01/12/2016
DSW "Tales From The Cosmonaut", Acid Cosmonaut Records, 15/01/2017
ENDLESS FLOODS "II", Dry Cough Records, 06/01/2016
HEREM "III", Inverse Records, 13/01/2017
JOHN GARCIA "The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues", Napalm Records, 27/01/2017
MAGNET "Feel Your Fire", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Magick Rites And Spells", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
BURIED FEATHER "Mind Of The Swarm", Kozmik Artifactz, 10/02/2017
CRANIAL "Dark Towers / Bright Lights", Moment Of Collapse Records, 10/02/2017
DRUDE s/t, self-release, 10/02/2017
HORISONT "About Time", Century Media Records, 03/02/2017
OBESE "Anamnesis", Argonauta Records, 24/03/2016
WITCHSTONE "Mortal Fear Of Infinity", self-release / Sunmask Records (distribution), 03/03/2017
... announced for 2017:
ALUNAH "Solennial" on Svart Records

UFOMAMMUT: Coming to take you away at their MAGICKAL MASTERY TOUR this fall

This fall, UFOMAMMUT is doing a "Best of..." tour. The psych/doom trio will excavate items from their pliocenic past, keeping their third eye pointed at the future.

The "MAGICKAL MASTERY TOUR" is a journey through 15 years of UFOMAMMUT music, performing under a new light songs from "Godlike Snake" to "ORO", as thanksgiving to people for their support and devotion.

"We are very excited to come out and play material from across our album catalogue, whereas recent focus has been on ORO, an album which we are most proud of, we are looking forward to playing older material also, it's been a while ! This marks the last tour we shall do for a period, whilst we concentrate on writing a new album."

25.09 - Arena - Vienna (A)
26.09 - Stattwerkstatt - Linz (A)
27.09 - Kulturpalast - Wiesbaden (D)
28.09 - Het Depot - Leuven (B)
29.09 - Vera - Groningen (NL)
01.10 - The Fleece - Bristol (UK)
02.10 - Brudenell social club - Leeds (UK)
03.10 - The Underworld - London (UK)
04.10 - 4AD - Diksmuide (BE)
05.10 - Römer - Bremen (D)
06.10 - KB18 - Copenhagen (DK)
07.10 - Blitz - Oslo (NOR)
09.10 - Luttako - Jväskyla (FIN)*
10.10 - Kuudes Linja - Helsinki (FIN)*
11.10 - Yo Talo - Tampere (FIN)*
12.10 - Nuclear Nightclub - Oulu (FIN)*
17.10 - Progresja - Warsaw (PL)
18.10 - Bii Nu - Berlin (D)
19.10 - Keep it Low Festival - Munich (D)

UFOMAMMUT website - facebook

Past Releases 2016

ABSENT/MINDED “Alight”, self-released, Listen

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS "Carrier", Exile On Mainstream Records, 18/03/2016

CONAN “Revengeance”, Napalm Records

DESERT SUNS s/t, Ripple Music, 15/01/2016

DOOMCULT "End All Life", self-release, Link

DUNBARROW s/t, self-released, Listen

FABIO CUOMA “La Derivs Del Tutto”, Taxi Driver Records, Listen

GREENLEAF "Rise Above The Meadow", Napalm Records, Listen

GODWATT “L’Ultimo Sole”, Jolly Roger Records, Listen

HEXENJÄGER "Black Titan", self-release, 18/01/2016

IMMENSITY "The Isolation Splendour", Hypnotic Dirge Records / Bad Mood Man Music, 21/03/2016

INFINITE FLUX s/t, self-released, Listen

MAGMA RISE "False Flag Operation", Nail Records / Hammer Music, 14/03/2016

MARS RED SKY "Providence", self-release, 22/01/2016

MONOLITH "Mountain", Final Gate Records, 18/03/2016

MOUNT GAMMARAY BURNS “Xenia”, self-released, Listen

NAVAJO WITCH "Ghost Sickness", self-release, 20/02/2016

PRIMITIVE MAN / SEA BASTARD split, Black Reaper Records

PYRAWEED "Stuck In The Universal Swamp", self-release, 22/03/2016

SERITAS "Blind To Reason", self-release, 24/01/2016

THE GREAT MACHINE “The Great Machine – Rumble”, self-released, Listen

VALTIEL “The Druid”, self-released, Listen

ALGOMA / CHRONOBOT split, Dead Beat Media, 01/04/2016
BLACK RAINBOWS "Stellar Prophecy", Heavy Psych / Cargo, 15/04/2016
BOUDAIN "Way Of The Hoof", 20/04/2016
CHAINS / SUTON – split "Balkanian Narko Doom", Ordo MCD, 25/04/2016
CITIES OF MARS "Celestial Mistress", self-release, 08/04/2016
EXCRUCIATION "[c]rust", Auric Records, 15/04/2016
FISTER / TEETH split, Broken Limbs, 29/04/2016
GOAT EXPLOSION "Siesta Infernal", Into Endless Chaos, 28/04/2016
GOATESS "II: Purgatory Under New Management", Svart Records, 15/04/2016
HOREHOUND s/t, self-release, 20/04/2016
HORSE LATITUDES "Primal Gnosis", Ritual Productions, 16/04/2016
HYPNOS "Cold Winds", Crusher Records / Code 7, 29/04/2016
KEEPER "The Space Between Your Teeth", Third I Rex, 29/02/2016
MIRRORS FOR PSYCHIC WARFARE s/t, Neurot Recordings, 22/04/2016
OMMADON s/t, Dry Cough Records, 08/04/2016
RED WIZARD "Cosmosis", Ripple Music, 08/04/2016
SINISTRO "Semente", Season Of Mist, 08/04/2016
SOURVEIN "Aquatic Occult", Metalblade Records, 18/04/2016
SUNNATA "Zorya", self-release, 11/04/2016
TEMPLE STEPS/WRECK split-tape, Vetela Productions, 10/04/2016
THE FORESHADOWING "Seven Heads Ten Horns", Cyclone Empire, 22/04/2016
VERDUN "The Eternal Drift's Canticles", Lost Pilgrims / Throat Ruiner, 29/04/2016
ALARIC "End Of Mirrors", Neurot, 06/05/2016
ATALA "Shaman's Path of the Serpent", self-release, 20/05/2016
BRIGHT CURSE "Before The Shore", HeviSike Records, 13/05/2016
DOOMCULT "End All Life", Morbid Syndicate
EARTHLESS / HARSH TOKE split-CD/LP, Tee Pee Records, 27/05/2016
ELECTRIC CITIZEN "Higher Time", Riding Easy Records, 06/05/2016
LORD VICAR "Gates Of Flesh", The Church Within, 27/05/2016
MESSA "Belfry", Aural Music, 06/05/2016
NAKED STAR "Bloodmoon Prophecy", Voice Of Azram, 27/05/2016
PYRAMIDO "Vatten", Halo Of Flies, 01/05/2016
SHIBALBA / PHURPA "Teachings Of Eastern Traditions", Cold Spring, 09/05/2016
SLOW GREEN THING "II", Fuzzmatazz Records, 05/2016
THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL "Red Robes", Napalm Records, 27/05/2016
VAMPYROMORPHA "Fiendish Tales Of Doom", Trollzorn, 27/05/2016
WO FAT "Midnight Cometh", Ripple Music, 20/05/2016
BELDAM "Still The Wrethed Linger", HPGD Recordings, 17/06/2016
CANDLEMASS "Death Thy Lover", Napalm Records, 03/06/2016
CARDINALS FOLLY "Holocaust Of Ecstasy & Freedom", Shadow Kingdom Records, 03/06/2016
COUGH "Still They Pray", Relapse Records, 03/06/2016
EARTH SHIP "Hollowed", Napalm Records, 24/06/2016
GOZU "Revival", Ripple Music, 10/06/2016
HIGH FIGHTER "Scars & Crosses", Svart Records, 10/06/2016
PENTAGRAM "First Daze Here" & "First Days Here Too" (Reissues), Relapse Records, 17/06/2016
VOID KING "There Is Nothing", self-release ,21/06/2016
VOID OBELISK "A Journey Through The Twelve Hours Of The Night", Meta Matter Records, 10/06/2016
-(16)- "Lifespan Of A Moth", Relapse Records, 08/07/2016
CHALICE OF SUFFERING "For You I Die", Times End Records / GS Productions, 08/07/2016
INTER ARMA "Paradise Gallows", Relapse Records, 08/07/2016
MONOLITHS. s/t, Dry Cough Records, 01/07/2016
MOS GENERATOR "Abyssinia", Listenable Records, 15/07/2016
PYLON "A Lament", Quam Libet / Roxx Records, 29/07/2016
NAP "Villa", self-release, 28/07/2016
ZODIAC "Grain Of Soul", Napalm Records, 29/07/2016
ALTAR OF OBLIVION "Barren Grounds", Shadow Kingdom Records, 30/08/2016
BEELZEFUZZ "The Righteous Bloom", Restricted Release / The Church Within, 19/08/2016
BLOODY HAMMERS "Lovely Sort Of Death", Napalm Records, 05/08/2016
HOWLING GIANT "Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1", self-release, 12/08/2016
HYPONIC "前行者", Weird Truth Productions, 10/08/2016
KHALDERA "Alteration", Czar Of Revelations, 26/08/2016
LEGBA s/t, Swamp Metal Records, 30/08/2016
MAIDAVALE "Tales Of The Wicked West", The Sign Records, 05/08/2016
NAEVUS "Heavy Burden", Meta Matter Records, 19/08/2016
SUBROSA "For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages", Profound Lore Records, 26/08/2016
SVVAMP s/t, Riding Easy Records, 19/08/2016
THE COMPANY CORVETTE "Never Enough", self-release
THE WRETCH s/t, Bad Omen Records, 26/08/2016
ASATTA "Spiraling Into Oblivion", Burn Out Planet Records, 02/09/2016
BABY WOODROSE "Freedom", Bad Afro Records, 16/09/2016
BLOODNUT "Blues From The Red Sons", self-release, 30/09/2016
BRANT BJORK And The Low Desert Punk Band "Tao Of The Devil", Napalm Records, 30/09/2016
BUZZARD "Sonic Renaissance", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 16/09/2016
CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC "Dawn Of The Satanic Age", self-release, 27/09/2016
CUERNO "Rec Comtal", Discos Macarras, 01/09/2016
DEAD "Untitle", We Empty Rooms, 30/09/2016
DEATH METAL POPE "Harvest", self-release, 06/09/2016
DOOMED "Anna", Solitude Productions, 26/09/2016
FANGE "PURGE", Throatruiner / Lost Pilgrims Records, 02/09/2016
HAMMERHANDS "Largo Forte", self-release, 15/09/2016
HOLY SERPENT "Temples", Riding Easy Records, 30/09/2016
KROH "Altars", Devizes Records, 02/09/2016
MOANAA "Passage", Arachnophobia Records, 15/09/2016
MONKEY3 "Astra Symmetry", Napalm Records, 02/09/2016
NEUROSIS "Fires Within Fires", Neurot Recordings, 23/09/2016
ODDHUMS "The Inception", self-release, 12/09/2016
RUFF MAJIK "The Fox", self-release, 01/09/2016
SAHG "Memento Mori", Indie Recordings, 23/09/2016
SAINT VITUS "Live Vol. 2", Season Of Mist, 23/09/2016
SELF-HATRED "Theia", Solitude Productions, 05/09/2016
SLOMATICS "Future Echo Returns", Black Bow Records, 02/09/2016
TRUCKFIGHTERS "V", Century Media Records, 30/09/2016
WHIGHT "Love Is Not Only What You Know", Bilocation Records / Kozmik Artifactz, 16/09/2016
WITCHHELM "Dead Nights Of The Moon Fear", self-release, 20/09/2016
WITCHSKULL "The Vast Electric Dark", Ripple Music, 23/09/2016
WOLF COUNSEL "Ironclad", Czar Of Crickets Productions, 23/09/2016
40 WATT SUN "Wider Than The Sky", Radiance Records, 14/10/2016
ALBEZ DUZ "Wings Of Tzinacan", Listenable Records, 21/10/2016
ARROWHEAD "Desert Cult Ritual", Ripple Music, 21/10/2016
DREAMARCHER s/t, Indie Recordings, 07/10/2016
FVNERALS "Wounds", Golden Antenna Records, 14/10/2016
CROWBAR "The Serpent Only Lies", Nuclear Blast Records, 28/10/2016
ISTVAN s/t, Aural Music / Bronson Recordings, 21/10/2016
KHEMMIS "Hunted", 20 Buck Spin Records, 21/10/2016
MONOLITH WIELDER s/t, Argonauta Records, 17/10/2016
NORTHERN CROWN "The Others", self-release, 14/10/2016
QUEEN ELEPHANTINE "Kala", Cimmerian Shade Records, 21/10/2016
RED FANG "Only Ghosts", Relapse Records, 14/10/2016
REVELATIONS OF RAIN "Akrasia", Solitude Productions, 24/10/2016
SALEM'S BEND s/t, Ripple Music, 07/10/2016
SWAMPCULT "Festival", Transcending Obscurity Records, 02/10/2016
SUMA "The Order Of Things", Argonauta / Init Records, 11/10/2016
TARLUNG "Void", self-release, 22/10/2016
TEN TON SLUG "Brutal Gluttonous Beast", self-release, 25/10/2016
THE WELL "Pagan Science", Riding Easy Records, 14/10/2016
UNEARTHED ELF "Into The Catacomb Abyss", 31/10/2016
ZAUM "Eidolon", I Hate Records, 24/10/2016
ARROWHEAD "Desert Cult Ritual", Ripple Music, 04/11/2016
ASTEROID "III", Fuzzorama Records, 11/11/2016
ASTRAY "Beyond The Heights Of Lust", self-release, 11/11/2016
CITIES OF MARS "Celestial Mistress", Suicide Records, 04/11/2016
DOMKRAFT "The End Of Electricity", Magnetic Eye Records, 11/11/2016
GEEZER s/t, Ripple Music, 18/11/2016
GÉVAUDAN "Litost", self-release, 23/11/2016
HEADLESS KROSS "Projections I", At War With False Noise, 18/11/2016
HORNSS "Telepath", Ripple Music / STB Records, 18/11/2016
LONE WANDERER "The Majesty Of Loss", self-release, 11/11/2016
MEGATHERIUM "Superbeast", self-release, 04/11/2016
RASPAIL "Dirge", Sick Man Getting Sick Records, 11/11/2016
SEA WITCH/BLACK TREMOR Split-LP, Sunmask, 25/11/2016
SHROUD EATER / DEAD HAND split, Southern Druid Records, 18/11/2016
SORROWFUL LAND "Of Ruins...", Solitude Productions, 07/11/2016
SPIRITUS MORTIS "The Year Is One", Svart Records, 11/11/2016
SUFFER YOURSELF "Ectoplasm", Cimmerian Shade Recordings, 25/11/2016
THE BLUE SUNSHINE FAMILY BAND s/t, self-release, 01/11/2016
THE WATCHERS "Sabbath Highway", Ripple Music, 04/11/2016
UFOSONIC GENERATOR "The Evil Smoke Possession", Minotauro Records, 11/11/2016
WITCHWOOD "Handful Of Stars", Jolly Roger Records, 18/11/2016





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