Release Dates

1782 s/t, Heavy Psych Sounds, 24/05/2019 – FB, BC
ABRAHMA "In Time For The Last Rays Of Light", Small Stone Records / Deadlight Entertainment, 24/05/2019 – FB, BC
BRIGHT CURSE "Time of the Healer", Ripple Music, 10/05/2019 – FB, BC
DESTROYER OF LIGHT "Mors Aeterna", Argonauta Records, 24/05/2019 – FB, BC
DOOMSTRESS "Sleep Among the Dead", Ripple Music / DHU Records, 10/05/2019 – FB, BC
DUEL "Valley Of Shadows", Heavy Psych Sounds, 17/05/2019 – FB, BC
EARTH "Full Upon Her Burning Lips", Sargent House, 24/05/2019 – FB, Home
GREEN ORACLE s/t, Argonauta Records, 31/05/2019 – FB, BC
LORD VICAR "The Black Powder", The Church Within Records, 03/05/2019 – FB, BC
MONASTERIUM "Church of Bones", Nine Records, 06/05/2019 – FB, BC
MOUNT SOMA "Nirodha" EP, self-release, 01/05/2019 – FB, BC
OCTOBER TIDE "In Splendor Below", Agonia Records, 17/05/2019 – FB, Home
SAINT VITUS "Saint Vitus", Season Of Mist, 17/05/2019 – FB, BC, Home
THRONEHAMMER "Usurper Of The Oaken Throne", Church Within Records, 03/05/2019 – FB, BC
BURNING GLOOM "Amygdala", Argonauta Records, 14/06/2019 – FB, BC
MAMMOTH STORM "Alruna", Argonauta Records, 28/06/2019 – FB, BC
SLOMATICS "Canyons", Black Bow Records, 14/06/2019 – FB, BC
HEX "God Has No Name", Transcending Obscurity Records, 05/07/2019 – FB, BC

DOOM METAL FRONT's TOP SEVENTY OF 2017: Traditional Gloom & Epic Grace, Death & Funeral Pyre, Sludge Nihilism & Amplifier Worship, Female Fronted Sorrow & Destruction, Post-apocalyptic Agony, With Stoned Grooves Into Blues Space, Sonic Lave From The Abyss Of Bandcamp #charts #doommetalfront

Doom year 2017 is finished! – To destillate something like a best-of-list means countless hours of listening to all noteworthy albums of the whole past year again. Then happens that you can't switch to the next one, because a haunting ear worm is making you press the re-play button again and again. Realizing that the first list has grown to the sky, you start thinking about splitting it into categories.

Finally, there are seven top-ten-lists losely representing the sub-genres of doom starting with the traditional and more epic way of celebrating riff-based agony using clean and high register vocals. 2017 was a blast serving masterpieces of the category "Traditional Gloom & Epic Grace".

"Of Death & Funeral Pyre" includes this year's best doom using death-metallic growls and gurgling vocals as well as slowest tempos to spread unbearable sorrow and despair.

For all lovers of this sort of sonic destruction it is unnecessary to explain what the category "Sludge Nihilism & Amplifier Worship" means. For the newcomers in the genre: Imagine your ears bleed from still standing guitar distortion, feel your brain melt from boundless anger of the disgustedly disgorged vocals and your stomach turning in waves of droning bass oscillation. Common people run and vomit, we smile and beg for more.

Maybe I make you sigh and roll eyes with the follow-up category, "Female Fronted Sorrow & Destruction", as it has been hip to push acts with sweet girls at vocals. The compiled list incorporates bands, which are pure doom and heavy as hell – not that wanna-be heavy rocking retro-doodling of the last years. Check them out and receive top quality, heart-rending sorrow and crushing bleakness of all doom styles featuring jaw dropping woman power as well as bulldozing guitar riffage.

There are bands that combine the heaviness of doom with post-rocking, atmospheric tunes in a very catchy and destructive way. Fans of slowly rolling music in the vein of Neurosis will love to dive in "Post-apocalyptic Agony".

"With Stoned Grooves Into Blues Space" is a category showcasing 2017's best albums that come along with a certain stoner rock groove in the doom arrangements and blues-driven guitar play that evolves and spreads like psychedelia, shooting you into open space or back in time to the roots of crawling heavy music.

Finally, there are releases put together in the category "Sonic Lava From The Abyss Of Bandcamp", which are handpicked by myself and didn't find its way to the Doom Metal Front lines via promotional agencies or record labels – these are mainly unsigned bands of the underground, growing or underrated gems of the heaviest genre of the universe.

Enjoy the doom and keep it slow! Tear down all physical and mental borders in a world that has turned mad led by a growing number of insane tyrants – take care! And be ready for new slow and low tuned music from all over the planet in 2018!

Yours respectfully, Sven Mihlan (chief ed.)


1. MONOLORD "Rust", RidingEasy Records

"'Rust' shows MONOLORD at their musical peak shooting one ace played, tectonically shifting fuzz riff reminiscent of a down-tuned buzzsaw after another, adding addictive hooks and heart-rending leads as well as maximum sorrowful melodiosity. MONOLORD are bursting with tantric repetition, infinite sonic reverberation and contagiously dynamic sloth in every of the six tracks."

Read more & listen HERE!

2. PALLBEARER "Heartless", Nuclear Blast Records

"PALLBEARER on top of their still young career – as far as you accept these US-Americans to be one of the most haunting epic doom metal bands having seen the light of day in the early 21st century. The album is knocking me over, flattening the plaintive body, rolling over again and again, and feeding graceful Lilies that sproud with desperately crying, heavy pounding as well as gently touching guitar riffs. (...) PALLBEARER have not just risen to fill the cleft godly Warning left once, they are lifting an emotional monolith higher than Mount Everest with the tectonical doom power of 'Heartless'."

Read more & listen HERE!

3. CURSE THE SON "Isolator", Ripple Music

"There has possibly never been as much doom, cosily rolling heaviness and roots blues as well as heart'n'soul infesting vocals as on 'Isolator'. CURSE THE SON deliver gigantic titanosaurus doom metal!"

Read more & listen HERE!

4. BEASTMAKER "Inside The Skull", Rise Above Records

"BEASTMAKER's new album is satiating the appetite for buzzing garage doom triggered with the yet haunting debut 'Lusus Naturae'. Now, this Fresno-based threesome is crawling deep 'Inside The Skull' to burst brains with raw riff power, grinding melodies and obsessing clean vocals. Addictive and heavy!"

Read more & listen HERE!

5. THE OBSESSED "Sacred", Relapse Records

"THE OBSESSED is back with 'Sacred', a holy grail collecting all dirt riding your iron horse sunwards, uplifting and pushing, also digging deep when rolling the slow and heavy riffs out, as blue and rooted in the heavy rock and doom history as you'd ever imagine."

Read more & listen HERE!

6. MONOLITH CULT "Gospel Of Despair", Transcending Records

"MONOLITH CULT create a crushing, bass-driven sound combining grand storytelling and tons weighing guitar riffage that is soaked with jaw dropping harmonies and melodiosity. 'Gospel of Despair' serves hymnal epic doom, which is based on pure 80s heavy metal heroism including top quality high register vocals, interwoven with ubiquitous decline and agony."

Read more & listen HERE!

7. HOODED PRIEST "The Hour Be None", I Hate Records

"HOODED PRIEST are wielding the soar slowly and deadly on 'The Hour Be None', the brand new album of this Dutch-Flemish doom metal outfit. Serves heaviest traditionalism in the vein of early Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Count Raven and Reverend Bizarre!"

Read more & listen HERE!

8. WOLF COUNSEL "Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos", Czar Of Crickets

"Another remarkable album by one of the heaviest doom exports of the Alpine region! Comes with unique oddness and recognition value in the vocals, grand melodies and slowly paving, tons heavy guitar riffs as well as cutting leads to serve another ultra-heavy beast of classic style doom and gloom."

Read more & listen HERE!

9. PROCESSION "Doom Decimation", High Roller Records

"'Doom Decimation' serves most epic doom greatness including crispy 80s heavy metal, haunting melodies, hymnal choruses and razor sharp guitar leads making you raise fists and swords towards the weeping sky of agony! A sonic impact leaving earth crushed and inhabitable!"

Read more & listen HERE!

10. CARONTE "Yoni", Ván Records

"On their third full-length, 'Yoni', Italian CARONTE perfectly combine occult stoner tunes and gothic feel with heaviest doom riffage. The powerful, diversified vocals of Dorian Bones are giving the album its straight traditional feel."

Read more & listen HERE!


1. WITH THE DEAD "Love From With The Dead", Rise Above Records

"Lee Dorrian's WITH THE DEAD spread agonizingly heavy, nihilistic extreme doom metal on their 2nd album. 'Love from With the Dead' is a grim salute to mankind eating each other driven by ubiquitous hate and trepidation."

Read more & listen HERE!

2. FUNERALIUM "Of Throes And Blight", Weird Truth Productions

"'Of Throes And Blight' serves deadly slow, tons heavy, driven by finger thick bass strings, still pushing, distorted to the bones riffage – the most abyssal, disturbing and hate spitting funeral doom since years!"

Read more & listen HERE!

3. ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE "Among the Ruins", Transcending Obscurity Records

"ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE from Finland make you crawl 'Among the Ruins' playing slowly grinding doom metal as abyssal as old school death metal and epic like majestic Pallbearer!"

Read more & listen HERE!

4. ILLIMITABLE DOLOR s/t, Transcending Obscurity Records

"Australia's ILLIMITABLE DOLOR serve a sonic obituary slowly spreading unbearable grief, framing their personal loss and pain in most authentical funeral/death doom metal. A heartrending tribute to deceased The Slow Death companion Gregg Williamson!"

Read more & listen HERE!

5. RED MOON ARCHITECT "Return of the Black Butterflies", Inverse Records

"Finnish RED MOON ARCHITECT deliver top quality, melodious funeral/death doom metal on 'Return of the Black Butterfly'. Comes with ultra-heavy, crawling guitars, gothic style keys  as well as abyssal growls and operatic female vocals."

Read more & listen HERE!

6. USNEA "Portals Into Futility", Relapse Records

"Portland's USNEA return with 'Portals Into Futility', serving expertly crafted and elegantly depressive doom metal that ebbs and flows with mournful melodicism and soul-crushing heaviness!"

Read more & read HERE!

7. ENTER THE SOIL "That Ember Lit Morning", self-release

"'That Amber Lit Morning' by New Zealand's ENTER THE SOIL is a beautifully arranged conceptional album full of calm acoustics and tons weighing riffage. Justin Chorley's very talented when it comes to writing heartbreaking melodies and pull you down in the very depth of mental bleakness."

Read more & listen HERE!

8. MESMUR "S", Solitude Productions

"Mesmerizing athmospheric funeral doom metal as cold and frightening as the infinite universe! If a space corpse perceived, it would suffer exactly like this, drifting through utter darkness past hostile planets and dying stars."

Read more & listen HERE!

9. MARCHE FUNÈBRE "Into the Arms of Darkness", Solitude Productions

"MARCHE FUNÈBRE are joining the greats of doom/death metal with 'Into The Arms Of Darkness' delivering five top quality tracks full of mourning and aggression."

Read more & listen HERE!

10. THE HOWLING VOID "The Darkness at the Edge of Dawn", Avantgarde Music

"THE HOWLING VOID's sixth album, 'The Darkness at the Edge of Dawn', offers dreamy-melancholic funeral doom metal dominated by symphonic keys. Comes with multifaceted guitars including heavy riffage as well as blues-tinged and folkloristic acoustics."

Read more & listen HERE!


1. PRIMITIVE MAN "Caustic", Relapse Records

"PRIMITIVE MAN spit their second act of pure sonic violence out. Serves earth crust shattering dissonant sludge that is crushing and burning the remnants with tenacious doom lava and most brutal death metallic rage. It's merciless, it's disturbing, it's 'Caustic'!"

Read more & listen HERE!

2. YANOMAMO "Neither Man nor Beast", Iommium Records

"Pissed off like Eyehategod, crawling like Noothgrush – haven't been stumbling over a bulldozing sludge monolith like YANOMAMO's 'Neither Man nor Beast' since young Iron Monkey. Maximum distorted, ear bleeding doom'n'blues!"

Read more & listen HERE!

3. COME TO GRIEF "The Worst of Times", Fuck Yoga Records

"COME TO GRIEF's 'The Worst Of Times' is a devastating monument of sludge reminding of the slowly grinding past and leading into a sonically crushing future! Featuring original Grief member Terry Savastano! GRIEEEF, got it?!"

Read more & listen HERE!

4. BORIS "Dear", Sargent House

"Japanese sound extremists BORIS dive deep in the drone abysses of the band's early years with 'Dear'. Combined with most ambient experimentalism and tons weighing doom and stoner riffage, we are served an audiophysical feast!"

Read more & listen HERE!

5. GRIM RAVINE "The Light is from Below", Black Bow Records

"GRIM RAVINE deliver abyssal sludge/doom destruction on 'The Light Is From Below' that is covering human scum with misery and disgust!"

Read more & listen HERE!

6. 71TONMAN "Earthwreck", Black Bow Records

"Polish 71TONMAN deliver the sonic answer to nowadays madness combining utter hate with apocalyptic stench of death. 'Earthwreck' is fatter, lower and slower – brain melting and bone crushing!"

Read more & listen HERE!

7. LIZZARD WIZZARD "Total War Bastard", self-release

"Making no prisoners, LIZZARD WIZZARD from Australia hack and slay from the very beginning, crush and burst until the end and bulldoze the battlefield in between to welcome another horde to be slain, crushed and rolled over for the following attack."

Read more & listen HERE!

8. SATOR "Ordeal", Argonauta Records

"SATOR is one of Italy's most crushing sludge acts combining relentlessly distorted riffage and shrieks with pointed stoner reminiscences. 'Ordeal' is a bulldozer!"

Read more & listen HERE!

9. COUGHDUST "Worldwrench", Suicide Records

"COUGHDUST are unstoppably ploughing battlefield earth like a forty-ton tank. 'Worldwrench' is gut wrenchingly fierce whilst maintaining slow and monstrously heavy."

Read more & listen HERE!

10. PALE HORSEMAN "The Fourth Seal", Black Bow Records

"Chicago's PALE HORSEMAN serve merciless, flawlessly played sludge metal on 'The Fourth Seal', which is haunting from the pulping first riff to the cutting, desperately weeping guitar lead at the end!"

Read more & listen HERE!


1. BATHSHEBA "Servus", Svart Records

"Belgian BATHSHEBA serve a heavy gem of crawling bleakness with 'Servus', which is bleeding grief and despair in rivers – lifts the band on top of the doom metal genre."

Read more & listen HERE!

2. ALUNAH "Solennial", Svart Records

"ALUNAH's 'Solennial' is a masterpiece of doom causing gooseflesh with every tone, its warmness and ravishing melodies."

Read more & listen HERE!

3. MONARCH "Never Forever", Profound Lore Records

"French sonic extremists MONARCH are serving pure bleakness on 'Never Forever', their brand new album, spreading from low-end drone rituals to most haunting doom grandness."

Read more & listen HERE!

4. BRUME "Rooster", Doom Stew Records

"The debut full-length of San Francisco's BRUME is a didactic play of doom and as pompous as the 'Rooster' on the album cover. Comes with dangerously catchy melodies and the beautiful voice of Susie McMullan!"

Read more & listen HERE!

5. KING WOMAN "Created in the Image of Suffering", Relapse Records

"KING WOMAN's actual album was literally 'Created in the Image of Suffering' taking you on a journey through subliminal fear as felt by a lonesome black flower sipping from the ocean of despair and crying tears of neverending grief."

Read more & listen HERE!

6. KROH "Pyres", Devizes Records

"KROH return with 'Pyres' delivering five hymns full of acoustic depression, buzzing anxiety and desperate siren call – dangerously catchy and haunting!"

Read more & listen HERE!

7. THE MOTH "Hysteria", This Charming Man Records

"THE MOTH are riding an unpolished horse of steel on 'Hysteria', serving utterly raw, brutally thrashing as well as bulldozing heaviness! Comes with schizophrenic twin vocals!"

Read more & listen HERE!

8. DEVIL ELECTRIC s/t, Kozmik Artifactz

"The debut of Melbourne-based DEVIL ELECTRIC is a catchy piece of blues-driven doom rock featuring the powerful vocals of Lady Velvet: Pierina O'Brien!"

Read more & listen HERE!

9. HELA "Death May Die", Lay Bare Recordings & Discos Macarras

"Spaniards HELA deliver their most dynamic and diversified album with 'Death May Die' adding new influences and progressive structures to their dark and melodious style of heavy doom metal."

Read more & listen HERE!

10. GREEN METEOR "Consumed by a Dying Sun", Argonauta Records

"GREEN METEOR smells like doom spirit being 'Consumed By A Dying Sun' – Acid King style space doom meets Nirvana's punk'n'roll!"

Read more & listen HERE!


1. CRACKHOUSE "Be None. Be Nothing", Argonauta Records

"Imagine Dopethrone being pulled 'Through Silver in Blood' (Neurosis) to get an idea about CRACKHOUSE 'Be No One. Be Nothing', which is a dystopian sludge beast!"

Read more & listen HERE!

2. OCEANWAKE "Earthen", ViciSolum Records

"OCEANWAKE's 'Earthen' serves tragical, spirally evolving sonic stories telling about despair and utter grief. These Finns combine huge athmospheric sounds with devastating doom destruction!"

Read more & listen HERE!

3. ENDLESS FLOODS "II", Dry Cough Records & Breathe Plastic Records

"ENDLESS FLOODS are sending two sky high riff monoliths filled to the brim with utter grief that slowly and relentlessly erode your desperate soul. An album made for pain addicts, who love wading in darkness and solitude whilst enjoying minimalist, almost droning beauty drenched in mournful melodies! A feast for doom extremists and feedback junkies!"

Read more & listen HERE!

4. AATHMA "Avesta", Underground Legends Records

"AATHMA are back with their new album 'Avesta' presenting quality sludge/stoner spanning from blues-laden heavy rock with clean vocals to crushing riffage with monstrously rolling bass lines and hatred shouting."

Read more & listen HERE!

5. HAWKMOTH "Godless Summit", Black Bow Records

"HAWKMOTH released 'Godless Summit' being the first part of a sonic drama leading in the hostile desert of the Australian outback. Serves hypnotic, sun burned post-metal and tons heavy, bass-driven doom riffage!"

Read more & listen HERE!

6. CATAPULT THE DEAD "A Universal Emptiness", Doom Stew Records

"CATAPULT THE DEAD take best Neurosis style sludge to develop a beautifully devastating doom monolith filled to the brim with immeasurable despair and grief-struck longing."

Read more & listen HERE!

7. UR "Grey Wanderer", Droneburg Records

"UR manage to unleash the forces of nature on 'Grey Wanderer' that are associated with the elemental strength of the eponymous aurochs being huge, massive and awe-inspiring!"

Read more & listen HERE!

8. DDENT "آكتئاب", self-release

"DDENT's intelligent debut – "آكتئاب" – combines rolling doom with post metal shyness and dark ambience telling a sonic drama about melancholy and depression."

Read more & listen HERE!

9. JUPITERIAN "Terraforming", Transcending Obscurity Records

"JUPITERIAN revive early 90s extreme doom metal contrasting death metallic, gurgling sludge a la Corrupted, Esoteric style funeral agony and gothic gracefulness in the vein of Paradise Lost."

Read more & listen HERE!

10. YLVA "Meta", Pelagic Records & Translation Loss Records

"YLVA from Australia play technically challenging, ultra-heavy post-metallic sludge!"

Read more & listen HERE!


1. FORMING THE VOID "Relic", Argonauta Records

"Listening to FORMING THE VOID's 'Relic' is like beeing on a perpetual trip of ethereal joy and musical exploration, like gliding with wide spread wings on the very best of heavy rock history!"

Read more & listen HERE!

2. INTERSTELAR "Resin", Kozmik Artifactz

"Los Angeles' INTERSTELAR launch 'Resin', which takes you on a grand stoner ride on their colossal spaceship through multidimensional worlds of psychedelic rock, riff-based heavy blues and heartrending vocal gospel – as catchy as Kyuss, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains!"

Read more & listen HERE!

3. DEADSMOKE "Mountain Legacy", Heavy Psych Sounds

"DEADSMOKE serve corroding sub-frequencies and rhythmically bulldozing stoner/doom infused by disturbing synthetic sounds on 'Mountain Legacy', reverberating the feeling of loneliness and despair being lost in impenetrable fog amidst deserted woods and mountains."

Read more & listen HERE!

4. THREE EYES LEFT "The Cult of Astaroth", Argonauta Records

"THREE EYES LEFT released 'The Cult of Astaroth' via Argonauta Records, which is a doom infested sludge/stoner beast full of tons heavy, slowly rolling as well as driving riffage that is buzzing like a swarm of possessed bumblebees on a psychedelic trip."

Read more & listen HERE!

5. 1968 "Fortuna Havana", Black Bow Records

"1968 is rolling out monstrous stoner riffs carrying the blues rock roots of the late 60s translated into up-to-date heaviness. 'Fortuna Havana' is great!"

Read more & listen HERE!

6. MOTHERSLOTH "Moon Omen", Argonauta Records

"What if Glenn Danzig sounded heavy weight, he would be (a) MOTHERSLOTH! Well, he is not but these Spaniards, who play sort of doom infested slow riffing stoner that is rolling along melancholical vocals reminiscent of the mentioned and of Alice In Chains-like sonical tragedy."

Read more & listen HERE!

7. WITCHSTONE "Mortal Fear of Infinity", self-release

"Calgary-based WITCHSTONE consequently crawl along the path paved with heavy psychedelia, fuzzy blues, 70s rock and slow doom riffage. Both the instrumental and the vocal sound are soaked with utter gloom and obscurity making "Mortal Fear Of Infinity" a catchy, nightmarish trip through the darkness of space leading beyond human imagination."

Read more & listen HERE!

8. SNOWCHILD "Age Of Change", Kozmik Artifactz

"Sounds like Black Sabbath re-inventing the wheel of doom with young Ozzy at vocals – serves authentic 70s style prog and blues rock with maximum wah and fuzz on the crawling guitars!"

Read more & listen HERE!

9. SNOWY DUNES "Atlantis", Heavysike Records

"If you love top quality, relaxant stoner that makes you ride on a rainbow through cosy psychedelic rock soundscapes reminiscent of the 60s and jump in the ocean of catchy, blues-infested guitar riffs and leads, 'Atlantis' by SNOWY DUNES is the album of your choice!"

Read more & listen HERE!

10. DEADNECK "Levitation", Kozmik Artifactz

"Hailing from Finland, DEADNECK play blues soaked, doom infested stoner on 'Levitation' that could have been dragged directly from the swamps of New Orleans. Comes along with catchy hooks, pointed psychedelia and jam-like vibes. Highly addictive!"

Read more & listen HERE!


1. CHANT OF GODDESS s/t, South American Sludge Records

"CHANT OF THE GODDESS from São Paulo/Brazil released a stunning debut album, serving maximum doom and tons heavy guitar riffs that roll and push at lowest speed to mid-tempo, switches to utter violence at some points. Comes with catching melodiosity here, loads of fuzz there and rare but good vocals!"

Read more & listen HERE!

2. LEGBA "Necromance", Greenhouse Records

"LEGBA surprised with a remarkable debut serving South Carolina vooDoom in 2016. On their new record called 'Necromance', the Greenville-based band delivers eight tracks of jaw dropping blues and melodious sludge including soulful as well as desperately suffering, Crowbar style vocals. Unique and beautiful!"

Read more & listen HERE!

3. FOREST OF LEGEND s/t, self-release

"Coming from Virginia, FOREST OF LEGEND build a monolith of doom metal incorporating the best this genre has been offering in every decade. Sounds like Sabbath and Vitus crawl down on their knees – lamenting like Warning – in blues-soaked sludge through thickest Sleep-fog. Grand!"

Read more & listen HERE!

4. BATTLE HAG "Tongue of the Earth", Transylvanian Tapes

"The cassette tape version of BATTLE HAG's debut full-length, 'Tongue of the Earth', is sold out yet! Serves heaviest, utterly dark doom metal full of agonizing, beautifully played guitar hooks and harmonies whilst bulldozing at slowest speed. Even the growled vocals crawl along the catchy melodies. A quality sludge/death interpretation of Pallbearer style sorrow!"

Read more & listen HERE!

5. JADD MADDEN "Cosmic Black Wizard Demon Horse Lord", self-release

"Multi-instrumentalist JUDD MADDEN released the ninth full-length being his darkest and bleakest work in a constant line of high quality instrumental doom metal albums. 'Cosmic Black Wizard Demon Horse Lord' comes with tons heavy, glacially drifting guitar riffs and drone-reminiscences in each of the epic tracks. Again downloadable for free at Judd's Bandcamp!"

Read more & listen HERE!

6. BATTALLIONS "Moonburn", self-release

"Nasty groove-ridden sludgecore from Hull in the UK! 'Moonburn' makes doom snails shake their heads and hips!"

Read more & listen HERE!

7. DESTROYER OF MAN "Descent", self-release

"Baltimore's DESTROYER OF MAN deliver a killer debut with 'Descent' combining dissonant, mournful doom metal riffage with sludge destruction and breakdown dynamics! Ultra heavy and diverting!"

Read more & listen HERE!

8. GREENBEARD "Lödarödböl", Sailor Records

"GREENBEARD from Austin/Texas play driving and catchy stoner of the Scandinavian sorta kind when talking about the immanent fuzz-driven desert and psychedelic rock vibe as well as the album title: 'Lödarödböl'. Comes with pop-suitable sing-along melodies!"

Read more & listen HERE!

9. LIVID "Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes", Prosthetic Records

"LIVID's second album comes with erosive, haunting doom metal full of memorable melodies and powerful vocals. The writing skills compensate the raw overall sound production, which could have been more differentiated to enjoy every detail."

Read more & listen HERE!

10. VINNUM SABBATHI "Gravity Works", self-release

"A remarkable release coming from Mexico by VINNUM SABBATHI, who explored that 'Gravity Works'. Their music works as well when it comes to stoner/doom tunes that have been shot into space and make you spin around planets and stars."

Read more & listen HERE!

Past Releases 2019

HELEVORN "Aamamata", Solitude Productions / Bad Mood Man, 23/01/2019 – FB, BC
HOLLOW LEG "Civilizations", Argonauta Records, 25/01/2019 – FB, BC
LUMBAR "The First and Last Days of Unwelcome" (re-release), Argonauta Records, 11/01/2019 – FB, YouTube
OTHUUM "The Astral Horror", self-release, 01/05/2019 – FB, BC
QUERCUS "Verferum", MFL-Records, 01/01/2019 – FB, BC
SLOW "IV - Mythologiae", code666, 25/01/2019 – FB, BC
WITHERED FIST "This Is My Mountain", self-release, 01/01/2019 – FB, BC
WOORMS "Slake", Hospital Records / Sludgelord Records, 18/01/2019 – FB, BC
BLCKWVS "0160", This Charming Man Records, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
CANDLEMASS "The Door To Doom", Napalm Records, 22/02/2019 – FB, Home
COSMIC PLUNGE "Dealing with the Harvester", self-release, 06/02/2019 – FB, BC
DEAD WITCHES "The Final Exorcism", Heavy Psych Sounds, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
ENDLESS FLOODS "Circle The Gold", Fvtvrerecordings / Bigout Records, 15/02/2019 – FB, BC
EREMIT "Carrier of Weight", Transcending Obscurity Records, 25/02/2019 – FB, BC
LEFT HAND SOLUTION "Through The Mourning Woods", Massproduktion, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
MAESTUS "Deliquesce", Code666, 08/02/2019 – FB, BC
THE MOTH GATHERER "Esoteric Oppression", Agonia Records, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
NEGATIVE WALL "Gammagelu", Black Doomba Records, 08/02/2019 – FB, BC
OLDD WVRMS "Codex Tenebris", Cursed Monk Records, 15/02/2019 – FB, BC
PRIMITIVE MAN / HELL split, Translation Loss Records, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
RED BEARD WALL "The Fight Needs Us All", Argonauta Records, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
RED EYE "Tales From The Days Of Yore", Alone Records, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
UN / COLTSBLOOD split, self-release, 15/02/2019 – FB, BC
WOLF COUNSEL "Destination Void", Endless Winter, 22/02/2019 – FB, BC
0N0 "Cloaked Climax Concealed" EP, Transcending Obscurity, 03/03/2019 – FB, BC
11PARANOIAS "Asterismal", Ritual Productions, 15/03/2019 – FB, BC
AMBER TEARS "When No Trails", Solitude Productions, 29/03/2019 – FB, BC
ATARAXIE "Résignés", Deadlight / Weird Truth / Xenokorp, 08/03/2019 – FB, Home
BLACK LUNG "Ancients", Ripple Music, 08/03/2019 – FB, BC
BLACK VULPINE "Veil Nebula", Moment Of Collapse Records, 01/03/2019 – FB, BC
CARDINALS FOLLY / LUCIFER'S FALL split, Cruz Del Sur Music, 22/03/2019 – FB, BC
DUN RINGILL "Welcome", Argonauta Records, 01/03/2019 – FB, BC
FANGE "Punir", Throatruiner Records, 01/03/2019 – FB, BC
GREEN THUMB "There Are More Things" EP, Acid Cosmonaut Records, 18/03/2019 – FB, BC
HIGH REEPER "High Reeper", Heavy Psych Sounds, 22/03/2019 – FB, BC
ILLIMITABLE DOLOR "Leaden Light", Transcending Obscurity, 20/03/2019 – FB, BC
MAGIC CIRCLE "Departed Souls", 20 Buck Spin, 29/03/2019 – FB, BC
NIXA "Opus Tierra", War Anthem Records, 29/03/2019 – FB, BC
OBSIDIAN SEA "Strangers", Ripple Music, 22/03/2019 – FB, BC
OREYEON "Ode To Oblivion", Heavy Psych Sounds, 15/03/2019 – FB, BC
ORO "Djupets Kall", Endless Winter, 01/03/2019 – FB, BC
RADARE "Der Endless Dream", Golden Antenna Records, 29/03/2019 – FB, BC
SLOTH HAMMER "Superbia Ira Acedia", Cursed Monk Records, 30/03/2019 – FB, BC
TAR PIT "Tomb Of Doom", self-release, 01/03/2019 – FB, BC
TEL "Lowlife", Aural Music, 29/03/2019 – FB, BC
TEMPLE OF THE FUZZ WITCH s/t, Seeing Red Records, 08/03/2019 – FB, BC
THE DEVIL AND THE ALMIGHTY BLUES "Tre", Blues For The Red Sun, 29/03/2019 – FB, BC
URZA "The Omnipresence of Loss", Solitude Productions, 15/03/2019 – FB, BC
ANCIENT ALTAR "Cosmic Purge/Foie Gras", Black Voodoo Records, 19/04/2019 – FB, BC
BLIND MONARCH "What Is Imposed Must Be Endured", Black Bow Records, 05/04/2019 – FB, BC
CHALICE OF SUFFERING "Lost Eternally", Transcending Obscurity Records, 19/04/2019 – FB, BC
CITIES OF MARS "The Horologist", Ripple Music, 05/04/2019 – FB, BC
CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC "Evil Eye", Kinda Like Music, 30/04/2019 – FB, BC
CONJURER "Sigils", self-release, 05/04/2019 – FB, BC
FALSE GODS "The Serpent and the Ladder" EP, self-release, 19/04/2019 – FB, BC
GRIEF COLLECTOR "From Dissension To Avowal", self-release, 01/04/2019 – FB, BC
HIGH PRIEST "Sanctum" EP, Magnetic Eye Records, 19/04/2019 – FB, BC
OCEANWAKE "Lights Flashing In Mute Scenery", Lifeforce Records, 26/04/2019 – FB, BC
RED MOON ARCHITECT "Kuura", The Vinyl Division / Grey Beton Records, 05/04/2019 – FB, BC
SMOLDER "Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring", Cruz Del Sur Music, 26/04/2019 – FB, BC
SUNN O))) "Life Metal", Southern Lord, 26/04/2019 – FB, BC
THE WELL "Death and Consolation", Riding Easy Records, 26/04/2019 – FB, BC
WITCHFINDER "Hazy Rites", Black Bow Records, 01/04/2019 – FB, BC

Past Releases 2018

ABYSMAL GRIEF "Blasphema Secta, Terror From Hell Records, 13/01/2018 – Homepage
ANGUISH "Magna Est Vis Suignah", High Roller Records, 28/01/2018 – FB, BC
BELDAM "Pasung", Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 26/01/2018 – FB, BC, YouTube
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY "Grimmest Hits", Spinefarm Records, 19/01/2018 – FB
BLOODMOON "Supervoid Trinity", self-release, 31/01/2018 – FB, BC
CLAMFIGHT "III", Argonauta Records, 19/01/2017 – FB, BC
DJINN AND MISKATONIC "Even Gods Must Die", Transcending Obscurity, 10/01/2018 – FB, BC
FAAL "Desolate Grief", Ván Records, 26/01/2018 – FB
GREYFELL "Horsepower", Argonauta Records, 12/01/2018 – FB, BC
HOODED MENACE "Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed", Season Of Mist, 26/01/2018 – FB, BC
IRON PIKE "Demos: I & II", Seeing Red Records / Widowmaker Tapes, 26/01/2018 – FB, BC
KAYLETH "Colossus", Argonauta Records, 12/01/2018 – FB, BC
SINISTRO "Sangue Cássia", Season Of Mist, 05/01/2018 – FB, BC
SLOW "V - Oceans", Code666, 26/01/2018 – FB, BC
WITCHCRYER "Cry Witch", Ripple Music, 19/01/2018 – FB, BC
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE "From Gold to Ash", Cruz Del Sur Music, 23/02/2018 – FB, BC, Homepage
BIBLE BLACK TYRANT "Regret Beyond Death", Argonauta Records, 16/02/2018 – FB, BC
COFFIN TORTURE "Dismal Planet", Sludgelord Records, 16/02/2018 – FB, BC
CORRUPTED "Felicific Algorithim" LP, Cold Spring, 16/02/2018
CRUTHU "The Angle Of Eternity", The Church Within Records, 23/02/2018 – FB, BC
EYE OF SOLITUDE / MARCHE FUNÈBRE split, Hypnotic Dirge Records / Cimmerian Shade Recordings, 22/02/2018 – FB, BC
GODWATT "Necropolis", Jolly Roger Records, 09/02/2018 – FB, BC
GREEN LUNG "Free the Witch" EP, Deckhead Records, 19/02/2018 – FB, BC
MY SILENT WAKE "There Was Death", Minotauro Records, 16/02/2018 – FB, BC
SABEL "Re-Generation", Kozmik Artifactz / Oak Island Records, 28/02/2018 – FB, BC
SATIVA ROOT "Oneirod", self-release, 16/02/2018 – FB, BC
SEVEN SERPENTS "Garden of Eyes" EP, self-release, FB, BC
SPACESLUG "Mountains & Reminiscence", Kozmik Artifactz/ Oak Island Records, 28/02/2018 – FB, BC
SWAMP CORPSE "Bone Mill", Black Bow Records, 02/02/2018 – FB, BC
THAL "Reach for the Dragon's Eye", Argonauta Records, 16/02/2018 – FB, BC
WINDHAND / SATAN'S SATYRS split LP, Relapse Records, 16/02/2018 – FB, BC
BENEATH OBLIVION "The Wayward and the Lost", Weird Truth Productions, 27/03/2018 – FB, BC
BESVÄRJELSEN "Vallmo", Suicide Records, 27/03/2018 – FB, BC
DAUTHA "Brethren of the Black Soil", Ván Records, 16/03/2018 – FB, BC
DESERT STORM "Sentinels", APF Records, 16/03/2018 – FB, BC
DDENT "Toro", self-release, 23/03/2018 – FB, BC
EAGLE TWIN "The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn", Southernlord Records, 30/03/2018 – FB, BC, Home
ET MORIEMUR "Epigrammata", Transcending Obscurity Records, 20/03/2018 – FB, BC
FORMING THE VOID / PYRESHIP split, Endhipendit Record Co, 09/03/2018 – FB, BC
GODTHRYMM "A Grand Reclamation", Transcending RecordsFB, BC
HEMELBESTORMER "A Ring Of Blue Light", Ván Records, 02/03/2018 – FB, BC
LEECHFEAST "Neon Crosses", Dry Cough Records / Rope Or Guillotine, 30/03/2018 – FB, BC
MOURNFUL CONGREGATION "The Incubus of Karma", Osmose Productions / 20 Buck Spin / Weird Truth Productions, 23/03/2018 – FB, Home
NEST "Metempsychosis", Sludgelord Records, 02/03/2018 – FB, BC
OWL "Orion Fenix", Zeitgeister Music, 23/03/2018 – FB, BC
SLOMATICS / MAMMOTH WEED WIZARD BASTARD "Totems" split, Black Bow Records, 29/03/2018 – FB, BC
SOLDAT HANS "Es taut", Wolves And Vibrancy Records, 30/03/2018 – FB, BC
SUNNATA "Outlands", self-release, 23/03/2018 – FB, BC
THE WATCHERS "Black Abyss", Ripple Music, 09/03/2018 – FB, BC
THRONELESS "Cycles", Black Bow Records, 23/03/2018 – FB, BC
TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS "Dust of Aeons", Transcending Obscurity Records, 05/03/2018 – FB, BC
AEONIAN SORROW "Into The Eternity A Moment We Are", self-release, 11/04/2018 – FB, BC, Home
ASSUMPTION "Absconditus", Everlasting Spew Records, 20/04/2018 – FB, BC
BLACK SALVATION "Uncertainty Is Bliss", Relapse Records, 06/04/2018 – FB, BC
KING GOAT "Debt of Aeons", Aural Music, 20/04/2018 – FB, BC
GREENBEARD "Lödarödböl", Kozmik Artifactz, 20/04/2018 – FB, Home
MESSA "Feast for Water", Aural Music, 06/04/2018 – FB, BC
MONSTERNAUT "Enter The Storm", Heavy Psych Sounds, 27/04/2018 – FB, BC
NAMED BY THE SUN "Deathcap" EP, Superhot Records, 27/04/2018 – FB, BC
RADIEN "Syvyys", Black Bow Records / Bunkkeri Records, 20/04/2018 – FB, BC
SOLSTICE "White Horse Hill", Invictus Productions, 06/04/2018 – FB, BC
TONS "Filthy Flowers Of Doom", Heavy Psych Sounds, 20/04/2018 – FB, BC
AGE OF TAURUS "The Colony Slain", Rise Above Records, 18/05/2018 – FB
BODY VOID "I Live Inside A Burning House", Crown And Throne / Dry Cough Records / Seeing Red Records, 11/05/2018 – FB, BC
BOGHAUNTER "Writhe" EP, Seeing Red Records, 04/05/2018 – FB, BC
BONG "Thought And Existence", Ritual Productions, 04/05/2018 – FB, BC
CANDLEMASS "House of Doom", Napalm Records, 25/05/2018 – More infos HERE!
CHRCH "Light Will Comsume Us All", Neurot Recordings, 11/05/2018 – FB, BC
COLTSBLOOD "Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness", Black Bow Records, 15/05/2018 – FB, BC
DESTROYER OF LIGHT "Hopeless" EP, Heavy Friends Records, 11/05/2018 – FB, BC
DOPETHRONE "Transcanadian Anger", Totem Cat Records, 25/05/2018 – FB, BC
HIGH PRIESTESS s/t, Ripple Music, 18/05/2018 – FB, Home
KAISER "1st Sound", Oak Island Records, 25/05/2018 – FB, BC
NOMAD "Feral", APF Records, 31/05/2018 – FB, BC
OMMADON "End Times", Dry Cough Records / At War With False Noise / DGRecords / Medusa Crush Recordings, 01/05/2018 – FB, BC
SERGEANT THUNDERHOOF "Terra Solus", self-release, 14/05/2018 – FB, BC
WITCHSORROW "Hexenhammer", Candlelight Records, 25/05/2018 – FB, BC
AMAROK "Devoured", Translation Loss Records, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
APE VERMIN "Sonic Monolith", self-release, 13/06/2018 – FB, BC
DOOMED "6 Anti-Odes To Life", Solitude Productions, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
DRUG CULT s/t, Ritual Productions, 21/06/2018 – FB, Home
ENHAILER "Dumb Enough To Care" EP, Burnout Records, 14/06/2018 – FB, BC
EYE OF SOLITUDE "Slaves To Solitude", self-release, 01/06/2018 – FB, Home
FRAYLE "The White Witch" EP, Seeing Red Records / Lay Bare Recordings, 15/06/2018 – FB, BC
HAUNTED "Dayburner", Twin Earth Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
KHEMMIS "Desolation", 20 Buck Spin / Nuclear Blast Records, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC, Home
KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons", Cruz Del Sur Music, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
KITE "The All Penetrating Silence", Sludgelord Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
LESSER GLOW "Ruined", Pelagic Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
MIST "Free Me Of The Sun", Soulseller Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
RAUM KINGDOM "Everything & Nothing", self-release, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
SLOMATICS / CONAN split, Black Bow Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
SOLILOQUIUM "Contemplations", Transcending Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
THE AGE OF TRUTH "Threshold", Kozmik Artifactz, 29/06/2018 – FB, BC
THE RED COIL "Himalayan Demons", Argonauta Records, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
VOID OF SILENCE "The Sky Over", Avantgarde Music, 11/06/2018 – FB, BC
WITCHSKULL "Coven's Will", Rise Above Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
YOB "Our Raw Heart", Relapse Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
1968 "Ballads of the Godless", HeviSike, 06/07/2018 – FB, BC
CAMBRIAN "Mobular", Oak Island Records, 27/07/2018 – FB, BC
KIELKROPF "Ignorance Is Bliss" EP, Sludgelord Records, 06/07/2018 – FB, BC
LUCIFER "Lucifer II", Century Media Records, 06/07/2018 – FB
SPACESLUG "Eye the Tide", BSFD Records, 20/07/2018 – FB, BC
WEED DEMON "Astrological Passages", Electric Valley Records, 27/07/2018 – FB, BC
WITCHKISS "The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes", Argonauta Records, 13/07/2018 – FB, BC
ANCESTORS "Suspended In Reflections", Pelagic Records, 24/08/2018 – FB, BC
ANGUS BLACK s/t, Discos Macarras Records, 24/08/2018 – FB, BC
BEERWOLF "Planetfall", Ripple Music, 24/08/2018 – FB, BC
DEATHBELL "With The Beyond", Kozmik Artifactz, 17/08/2018 – FB, BC
FORMING THE VOID "Rift", Kozmik Artifactz, 17/08/2018 – FB, BC
LURK "Fringe", Transcending Obscurity Records, 05/08/2018 – FB, BC
PRIMITIVE MAN / UNEARTHLY TRANCE split, Relapse Records, 17/08/2018 – FB, BC
SPIRIT DIVISION "Forgotten Planet", self-release, 31/08/2018 – FB, BC
ACOLYTES OF MOROS "The Wellspring", Nine Records, 24/09/2018 – FB, BC
DEAD HAND "Reborn Of Dead Light", Divine Mother Recordings, 07/09/2018 – FB, BC
DRUGLORD "New Day Dying", Sludgelord Records, 14/09/2018 – FB, BC
ENNUI "End Of The Circle", Non Serviam Records, 05/09/2018 – FB, BC
HANGMAN'S CHAIR "Banlieue Triste", Spinefarm Records, 28/09/2018 – FB, BC
KOMATSU "A New Horizon", Argonauta Records, 07/09/2018 – FB, Home
PILLARS "Onward To Nothingness", Seeing Red Records, 28/09/2018 – FB, BC
SOLEMN CEREMONY s/t, Nine Records, 17/09/2018 – FB, BC
UN "Sentiment", Translation Loss Records, 28/09/2018 – FB, BC
VESSEL OF LIGHT "Woodshed", Argonauta Records, 21/09/2018 – FB
ALASTOR "Slave To The Grave", RidingEasy Records, 31/10/2018 – FB, BC
ALKYMIST s/t, Indisciplinarian, 05/10/2018 – FB, BC
BLACK LOTUS "Sons of Saturn", Inverse Records, 19/10/2018 – FB, BC
BURN RITUAL "Blood of the Raven", Cursed Monk Records, 01/10/2018 – FB, BC
CULLED "Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn", Hibernation Release, 26/10/2018 – FB, BC
CARCHARODON "Bukkraken", Argonauta Records, 26/10/2018 – FB, BC
DEADBIRD "III: The Forest Within The Tree", 20 Buck Spin, 12/10/2018 – FB, YouTube
DIRGE "Ah Puch", self-release, 19/10/2018 – FB, BC
DOMKRAFT "Flood", Blues Funeral Recordings, 19/10/2018 – FB, BC
SHALLOW GRAVE "Threshold Between Worlds", Sludgelord Records / Black Voodoo Records / Cursed Monk Records / minoRobscuR, 31/10/2018 – FB, BC
SILVER GRIME "Healed by the Dark", Inverse Records, 26/10/2018 – FB, BC
SORROWFUL LAND "I Remember", Solitude Productions, 26/10/2018 – FB, BC
UNDER "Stop Being Naive", APF Records, 30/10/2018 – FB, BC
WINDHAND "Eternal Return", Relapse Records, 05/10/2018 – FB, BC
DISRULE "Sleep in Your Honour", Seeing Red Records, 16/11/2018 – FB, BC
HOLY GROVE "Holy Grove II", Ripple Music, 09/11/2018 – FB, BC
HOREHOUND "Holocene", Doom Stew Records, 30/11/2018 – FB, BC
HUATA "Lux Initiatrix Terrae", Seeing Red Records / Sludgelord Records / MusicFearSatan, 23/11/2018 – FB, BC
MIRROR OF DECEPTION "The Estuary", self-release, 09/11/2018 – Home, FB, BC
NIGHT GAUNT "The Room", Terror From Hell Records, 02/11/2018 – FB, BC
OLD MAN LIZARD "True Misery", Wasted State Records, 30/11/2018 – FB, BC
ONSET "Unstructured Dissemination" EP, Weird Truth Productions, 28/11/2018 – FB, BC
ØLTEN "Ambiance", Hummus Records, 02/11/2018 – FB, BC
PAINTHING "Where Are You Now?", Solitude Productions, 09/11/2018 – FB, BC
URSA "Abyss Between the Stars", Blood Music, 02/11/2018 – FB, BC
WHEN THE DEADBOLT BREAKS "Angels Are Weeping ... God Has Abandoned", Sliptrick Records, 02/11/2018 – FB, BC
COMATOSE VIGIL A.K. "Evangelium Nihil", Non Serviam Records, 14/12/2018 – FB, BC
DAWN OF WINTER "Pray For Doom", I Hate Records, 07/12/2018 – FB, YouTube
DAYGLO MOURNING / BLUDY GYRES "Rope Enough For Two", Black Doomba Records, 07/12/2018 – FB, BC
DEATHKINGS "Ex Nihilo" EP, self-release, 07/12/2018 – FB, BC
DOOMCULT "Life Must End", Loneravn Records, 03/12/2018 – FB, BC
EVANGELIST "Deus Vult", Nine Records, 20/12/2018 – FB, BC
GOBLINSMOKER "Toad King", Sludgelord Records, 14/12/2018 – FB, BC
JUNIPER GRAVE "Of Hellions & Harridans", Wasted State Records, 07/12/2018 – FB, BC
MANSION "First Death of the Lutheran", I Hate Records, 07/12/2018 – FB, BC
SQUALUS / SHADOW LIMB "Mass and Power" split, Translation Loss Records, 14/12/2018 – FB, BC
THUNDER HORSE s/t, BC/TX Records, 14/12/2018 – FB, BC
TUSKAR "The Tide, Beneath, The Wall" EP, Riff Rock Records, 07/12/2018 – FB, BC
VANHA "Melancholia", Black Lion Records, 30/12/2018 – FB, BC

Past Releases 2017

AATHMA "Avesta", Underground Legends Records – Listen
BANTHA RIDER s/t, self-release, 07/01/2017 – Listen
DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE "Seaweed", Suicide Records, 13/01/2017 – Listen
DOOM'S DAY "The Whore", PRC Music, 13/01/2017
DSW "Tales From The Cosmonaut", Acid Cosmonaut Records, 15/01/2017
ENDLESS FLOODS "II", Dry Cough Records, 06/01/2016
EPHEDRA "Can'-Ka No Rey", Argonauta Records, 30/01/2017
FREEDOM HAWK "Sunlight" (re-release), Ripple Music, 27/01/2017
FROZEN PLANET....1969 "Electric Smokehouse", Pepper Shaker Records / Headspin Records, 11/01/2017
HEREM "III", Inverse Records, 13/01/2017
JOHN GARCIA "The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues", Napalm Records, 27/01/2017
LIZZARD WIZZARD "Total War Power Bastard", self-release, 01/01/2017
MAGNET "Feel Your Fire", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
MANGOG "Awakens", Argonauta Records, 09/01/2017
MIRES "Loom", self-release, 13/01/2017 – Listen
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Magick Rites And Spells", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
WRATH OF ECHOES "A Fading Bloodline", PRC Music, 13/01/2017
1968 "Fortuna Havana", Black Bow Records, 10/02/2017
ASOFY "Nessun Luogo", Avantgarde Music, 22/02/2017
BATHSHEBA "Servus", Svart Records, 24/02/2017
BATTALIONS "Nothing To Lose", Black Bow Records, 27/02/2017
BURIED FEATHER "Mind Of The Swarm", Kozmik Artifactz, 10/02/2017
CONCRETE JELLY "Getting Noticed", Sliptrick Records, 07/02/2017
CRANIAL "Dark Towers / Bright Lights", Moment Of Collapse Records, 10/02/2017
DDENT "آكتئاب", self-release, 13/02/2017
ELECTRIC AGE "Sleep Of The Silent King", Argonauta Records, 27/02/2017
ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM "Goldsmith", self-release, 24/02/2017
GLOSON "Grimen", Art Of Propaganda, 13/02/2017
GRIM RAVINE "The Light Is From Below", Black Bow Records, 17/02/2017
HORISONT "About Time", Century Media Records, 03/02/2017
KINGNOMAD "Mapping The Inner Void", Ripple Music, 24/02/2017
KING WOMAN "Created In The Image Of Suffering", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
MARCHE FUNÈBRE "Into The Arms Of Darkness", MFL Records, 20/02/2017
NULA "Kenoma" EP, Black Bow Records, 24/02/2017
RHINO "The Law Of Purity", Argonauta Records, 13/02/2017
R.I.P. "In The Wind", Riding Easy Records, 03/02/2017
RÜCKWATER "Bonehead", Inverse Records, 24/02/2017
SANTO ROSTRO "The Healer", Discos Macarras, 03/02/2017 – Listen
STINKING LIZAVETA "Journey To The Underworld", Translation Loss Records, 17/02/2017
STRANGE BROUE "Seance" EP, Sunmask Records, 24/02/2017
TETHRA "Like Crows For The Earth", Sliptrick Records, 11/02/2017
THE DARKHORSE "The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep", Attic Records, 24/02/2017
THERA ROYA "Stone And Skin", self-release, 17/02/2017
UNEARTHLY TRANCE "Stalking The Ghost", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
VOIDCRUISER "Wayfarer", Argonauta Records, 27/02/2017
ALUNAH "Solennial", Svart Records, 17/03/2017
ALASTOR "Black Magic", Twin Earth Records, 24/03/2017
CALLIOPHIS "Cor Serpentis", Solitude Productions, 27/03/2017
CLOUD CATCHER "Trails Of Kozmik Dust", Totem Cat Records, 13/03/2017
DESERT KINGDOM s/t, Black Bow Records, 04/03/2017
DOCTOR CYCLOPS "Local Dogs", Heavy Psych Sounds Records, 31/03/2017
DREAD SOVEREIGN "For Doom The Bell Tolls", Ván Records, 03/03/2017
DRUDE s/t, self-release, 03/03/2017
FANGE "Pourrissoir", Throatruiner Records, 17/03/2017
FORMING THE VOID "Relic", Argonauta Records, 17/03/2017
HOLLOW LEG "Murder" EP, Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
ILLIMITABLE DOLOR s/t, Transcending Obscurity Records, 22/03/2017
KREYSKULL "The Bird Of Bad Weather", Sliptrick Records, 30/03/2017
MOTHERSLOTH "Moon Omen", Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
MOUNTAIN GOD "Bread Solstice", Artificial Head Records, 24/03/2017
NUDIST "Bury My Innocence", Argonauta Records, 20/03/2017
OCEANWAKE "Earthen", VicSolum Records, 10/03/2017
OHHMS "The Fool", Holy Roar Records, 31/03/2017
OTUS "7.83Hz", Argonauta Records, 20/03/2017
PALLBEARER "Heartless", Profound Lore Records, 24/03/2017
SHOW OF BEDLAM "Transfiguration", PRC Music, 31/03/2017
SPACETRUCKER "Launch Sequence", self-release, 31/03/2017
TELEKINETIC YETI "Abominable", Sump Pump Records, 17/03/2017
TELEPATHY "Tempest", Golden Antenna Records, 31/03/2017
THE HAZYTONES s/t, Sunmask Records, 24/03/2017
WITCHSTONE "Mortal Fear Of Infinity", self-release / Sunmask Records (distribution), 03/03/2017
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE "Among The Ruins", Transcending Obscurity Records, 15/04/2017
ARCTIC SLEEP "Arbors" (re-release), The Church Within Records, 21/04/2017
ARCTIC SLEEP "Passage Of Gaia" (re-release), The Church Within Records, 21/04/2017
CRACKHOUSE s/t EP, Argonauta Records, 07/04/2017
CURSE THE SON "Isolator", Ripple Music, 07/04/2017
CURSUS s/t, Artificial Head Records, 28/04/2017
DARSOMBRA "Polyvision", Translation Loss Records, 14/04/2017
DAUTHA "Den Förste" MCD/EP, Ván Records, 21/04/2017
DEMON HEAD "Thunder On The Fields", The Sign Records, 07/04/2017
DEVIL "To The Gallows", Soulseller Records, 21/04/2017
ELEPHANT BELL "Gates Of Dawn", Argonauta Records, 28/04/2017
EVOKE THY LORDS "Lifestories", Solitude Productions, 24/04/2017
FUNERALIUM "Of Throes And Blight", Weird Truth Productions, 12/04/2017
GREEN METEOR "Consumed By A Dying Sun", Argonauta Records, 21/04/2017
IMINDAIN "The Enemy Of Fetters And Dwellers In The Woods", Weird Truth Productions, 12/04/2017
KITCHEN WITCH s/t, Kozmik Artifactz, 14/04/2017
LIFE OF AGONY "A Place Where There's No More Pain", Napalm Records, 28/04/2017
MOONBOW "War Bear", Ripple Music, 21/04/2017
OBELYSKKH "The Providence", Exile On Mainstream Records, 21/04/2017
THE OBSESSED "Sacred", Relapse Records, 07/04/2017
THE RIVEN "Blackbird", self-release, 14/04/2017
WITCHAPTER "Spellcaster" EP, Black Bow Records, 07/04/2017
BEASTMAKER "Inside The Skull", Rise Above Records, 19/05/2017
BELOW "Upon A Pale Horse", Metal Blade Records, 19/05/2017
BELOW THE SUN "Alien World", Temple Of The Torturous, 26/05/2017
BLACKBIRD HILL "Midday Moonlight", self-release, 05/05/2017
DESCARADO "Odd", Oak Island Records / Kozmik Artifactz
DRUG HONKEY "Cloak Of Skies", Transcending Obscurity Records, 05/05/2017
FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN "Ether / Return To Earth", Argonauta Records, 05/05/2017
HARVESTMAN "Music For Megaliths", Neurot Recordings, 19/05/2017
HEAVY TEMPLE "Chassit", Ván Records, 26/05/2017
HEAVY TRAFFIC "Plastic Surgery", Twin Earth Records, 26/05/2017
HUMULUS "Reverently Heading Into Nowhere", Oak Island Records / Kozmik Artifactz
MAHAKALA "The Second Fall", Supreme Music Creations, 26/05/2017
MERCHANT "Beneath", Black Bow Records, 12/05/2017
MONOBROW "The Nacarat", Trill Or Be Trilled Records, 30/05/2017
MORASS OF MOLASSES "These Paths We Tread", HeavySike Records, 19/05/2017
NORSKA "Too Many Winters", Brutal Panda Records, 26/05/2017
PYRESHIP "The Liars Bend Low", Black Bow Records, 26/05/2017
RED BEARD WALL s/t, Argonauta Records, 12/05/2017
RED MOON ARCHITECT "Return Of The Black Butterflies", Inverse Records, 19/05/2017
SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT "One With The Universe", Electric Magic Records, 12/05/2017
STEAK "No God To Save", Ripple Music, 19/05/2017
SUMMONER "Beyond The Realm Of Light", Magnetic Eye Records, 12/05/2017
WARCRAB "Scars Of Aeons", Transcending Obscurity Records, 01/05/2017
AKATHARTA "Spiritus Immundus", Pulverised Records, 23/06/2017
BURY THE MACHINES "Wicked Covenant" EP, Midnite Collective, 09/06/2017
CIRCLE "Terminal", Southern Lord Records, 23/06/2017
DEATH THE LEVELLER s/t EP, self-release, 12/06/2017
DEMONAUTA "Tierra Del Fuego", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 09/06/2017
ENTER THE SOIL "That Ember Lit Morning", self-release, 09/06/2017 – Listen!
FIRE DOWN BELOW "Viper, Vixen, Goddes, Saint", Ripple Music, 23/06/2017
HOLLOW LEG "Crown, Murder Edition", Argonauta Records, 30/06/2017
LÂMINA "Lilith", Raging Planet, 02/06/2017
MARS RED SKY "Myramyd" 12-inch-EP, self-release, 17/06/2017
SAPATA "Satanibator", Inverse Records, 02/06/2017
SPACE WITCH "Arcanum", HeavySike Records, 09/06/2017
VOKONIS "The Sunken Djinn", Ripple Music, 09/06/2017
WASTES "Into The Void Of Human Vacuity", Code666 Records, 15/06/2017
WEIRD TALES s/t, self-release, 01/06/2017
WITCHTHROAT SERPENT 7-inch-EP, Svart Records, 16/06/2016
A STICK AND A STONE "The Long Lost Art Of Getting Lost", Sentient Ruin / Breathe Plastic / Spirit House, 21/07/2017
BORIS "Dear", Sargent House, 14/07/2017
BRUME "Rooster", DHU Records / Doom Stew Records, 15/07/2017
CAMBRIAN "Mobular", Taxi Driver Records – Listen!
CONTRA "Deny Everything", Robustfellow Productions / Shifty Records, 01/07/2017
DESTROYER OF LIGHT "Chamber Of Horrors", Heavy Friends Records, 14/07/2017
FLESHPRESS "Hulluuden Muuri", Kult Of Nihilow, 14/07/2017
GRAND DELUSION "Supreme Machine", Minotauro Records, 14/07/2017
GOD ROOT "Salt And Rot", Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 11/07/2017
HAIR OF THE DOG "This World Turns", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 14/07/2017
KABBALAH "Spectral Ascent", Twin Earth Records, 07/07/2017
KING ZOG s/t, 28/07/2017
KROH "Altars", Minotauro Records, 14/07/2017
NIBIRU "Caosgon" (remastered), Argonauta Records, 07/07/2017
POSEIDON "Prologue", Ripple Music, 21/07/2017
SEER "Vol. III & IV: Cult Of The Void", Art Of Propaganda, 07/07/2017
SHROUD EATER "Strike The Sun", STB Records, 07/07/2017
THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN "Cypress Ave", Napalm Records, 28/07/2017
CANYON OF THE SKULL "The Desert Winter", self-release, 19/08/2017
CARONTE "Yoni", Ván Records, 25/08/2017
DEMON EYE "Prophecies And Lies", Soulseller Records, 11/08/2017
DEVIL ELECTRIC s/t, Kozmik Artifactz, 11/08/2017
FALSE GODS "Reports From Oblivion" EP, self-release, 18/08/2017
HELL s/t, Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 11/08/2017
HOWLING GIANT "Black Hole Space Wizard (Part 2)", Magnetic Eye Records, 25/08/2017
THE JUDGE "Tell It To The Judge", Ripple Music, 04/08/2017
LOW FLYING HAWKS "Genkaku", Magnetic Eye Records, 25/08/2017
OLDE "Temple", Magnetic Eye Records, 11/08/2017
TUNGA MOLN "III", Hevisike Records, 11/08/2017
71TONMANN "Earthwreck", Black Bow Records, 22/09/2017
BIG | BRAVE "Ardor", Southern Lord Records, 15/09/2017
CARDINALS FOLLY "Deranged Pagan Sons", Nine Records (CD) / Topillo Records (LP), 04/09/2017
CHURCH OF VOID s/t, Argonauta Records, 15/09/2017
CITIES OF MARS "Temporal Rifts", Argonauta Records, 29/09/2017
CRAWL "This Sad Cadav'r", Black Bow Records, 01/09/2017
DEADSMOKE "Mountain Legacy", Heavy Psych Sound Records, 29/09/2017
FACES OF THE BOG "Ego Death", DHU Records, 22/09/2017
HANDS OF ORLAC / THE WANDERING MIDGETSplit, Cruz Del Sur Music, 08/09/2017
MAHARAJA "Kali Yuga", self-release, 22/09/2017
MENIN "Lord Of Pain" EP, Doom Stew Records, 15/09/2017
MESMUR "S", Solitude Productions, 15/09/2017
MINDKULT "Lucifer's Dream", Transcending Obscurity Records, 20/09/2017
MONARCH "Never Forever", Profound Lore Records, 22/09/2017
MONOLORD "Rust", RidingEasy Records, 29/09/2017
PARADISE LOST "Medusa", Nuclear Blast Records, 01/09/2017
PROFETUS "Coronation of the Black Sun" (remastered), Weird Truth Productions, 27/09/2017
PROCESS OF GUILT "Black Earth", Bleak Recordings / Division Records, 22/09/2017
RED MOUNTAINS "Slow Wander", All Good Clean Records, 01/09/2017
SATOR "Ordeal", Argonauta Records, 01/09/2017
THREE EYES LEFT "The Cult Of Astaroth", Argonauta Records, 15/09/2017
UFOMAMMUT "8", Neurot Recordings, 22/09/2017
USNEA "Portals Into Futility", Relapse Records, 08/09/2017
WITH THE DEAD "Love With The Dead", Rise Above Records, 22/09/2017
APOTELESMA "Timewrought Kings", Solitude Productions, 27/10/2017
CRACKHOUSE "Ne No One. Be Nothing", Argonauta Records, 06/10/2017
ETERNAL ELYSIUM "Searching Low & High" (re-release), Robustfellow Productions
I KLATUS "Nagual Sun", self-release, 13/10/2017
IRON MONKEY "9-13", Relapse Records, 20/10/2017
JARED JAMES NICHOLS "Black Magic", Listenable Records / Edel, 27/10/2017
KALIBOS "Hexa", Darkest Age Productions, 01/10/2017
KROH "Pyres", Devizes Records, 13/10/2017
OBESE "Anamnesis", Argonauta Records, 20/10/2017
ODRADEK ROOM "A Man of Silt", Hypnotic Dirge Records / Solitude Productions, 12/10/2017
R.I.P. "Street Reaper", RidingEasy Records, 13/10/2017
PRIMITIVE MAN "Caustic", Relapse Records, 06/10/2017
PROCESSION "Doom Decimation", High Roller Records, 31/10/2017
SNOWY DUNES "Atlantis", Hevisike Records, 27/10/2017
STONEBIRDS "Time", self-release, 20/10/2017
YEAR OF THE COBRA "Burn Your Dead" EP, Magnetic Eye Records, 27/10/2017
BLACK CAPRICORN "Omega", Stone Stallion Rex, 02/11/2017
BONG CAULDRON "Binge", APF Records, 30/11/2017
CATAPULT THE DEAD "A Universal Emptiness", Doom Stew Records, 15/11/2017
DAXMA "The Head Which Becomes the Skull", Magnetic Eye Records, 17/11/2017
DEADNECK "Levitation", Kozmik Artifactz, 10/11/2017
ELECTRIC WIZARD "Wizard Bloody Wizard", Witchfinder / Spinefarm Records, 10/11/2017
FISTER & CHRCH split 12-inch, Crown and Throne Ltd, 17/11/2017
FREEDOM HAWK s/t (re-release), Ripple Music, 17/11/2017
HIGH REEPER s/t, self-release, 03/11/2017
I AM FIRE "From Ashes", Elevation Denmark, 10/11/2017
JUPITERIAN "Terraforming", Transcending Obscurity Records, 15/11/2017
LORELEI "Shadows Of October", Solitude Productions, 24/11/2017 – FB, BC
LUNA "Swallow Me Leaden Sky", Solitude Productions, 10/11/2017 – Home, BC
MAGMA RISE 10-inch vinyl, Daredevil Records, 03/11/2017
MONOLITH CULT "Gospel Of Despair", Transcending Records, 17/11/2017 – FB
PROFESSOR EMERITUS "Take Me To The Gallows", No Remorse Records, 13/11/2017
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Sound Of The Wind", Listenable Records / Edel, 03/11/2017
PURPLE HILL WITCH "Celestial Cemetery", The Church Within Records, 10/11/2017
REDEMPTUS "Every Red Heart Fades To Black", Lost Pilgrims Records, 17/11/2017
SPECTRAL HAZE "Turning Electric", Totem Cat Records, 24/11/2017 – FB, BC
THE MOTH "Hysteria", This Charming Man Records, 10/11/2017
THE OBSESSED s/t (re-release), Relapse Records, 17/11/2017 – FB, BC
UR "Grey Wanderer", Droneburg Records, 24/11/2017
V "Pathogenisis", Suicide Records, 08/11/2017 – FB, BC
VESSEL OF LIGHT s/t, Argonauta Records, 03/11/2017
WOLF COUNSEL "Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos", Czar Of Bullets, 17/11/2017
YLVA "META", Pelagic Records /Translation Loss Records, 17/11/2017
ÆSTHETICA "Sonorous Æon", Esetiske Studier / Fysisk Format, 08/12/2017 – FB, BC
HAWKMOTH "Godless Summit", Black Bow Records, 14/12/2017 – FB, BC
HOODED PRIEST "The Hour Be None", I Hate Records, 01/12/2017 – Review!
INTERSTELAR "Resin", Kozmik Artifactz, 08/12/2017 – FB, BC
IRON WALRUS "A Beast Within", Redfield Records, 15/12/2017 – FB, Home
KING GOAT "Conduit" (re-release), Aural Music, 08/12/2017 – FB, BC
LES LEKIN "Died With Fear", Tonzonen Records, 01/12/2017 – FB, BC
PALE HORSEMAN "The Fourth Seal", Black Bow Records, 08/12/2017 – Review!
SNOWCHILD "Age Of Change", Kozmik Artifactz, 22/12/2017 – FB, BC
SORROWFUL LAND "Where The Sullen Waters Flow" EP, Solitude Productions, 15/12/2018 – FB, BC
THE HOWLING VOID "The Darkness at the Edge of Dawn", Avantgarde Music, 18/12/2017 – FB, BC





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