Release Dates

CRACKHOUSE "Ne No One. Be Nothing", Argonauta Records, 06/10/2017
I KLATUS "Nagual Sun", self-release, 13/10/2017
IRON MONKEY "9-13", Relapse Records, 20/10/2017
JARED JAMES NICHOLS "Black Magic", Listenable Records / Edel, 27/10/2017
KALIBOS "Hexa", Darkest Age Productions, 01/10/2017
OBESE "Anamnesis", Argonauta Records, 20/10/2017
ODRADEK ROOM "A Man of Silt", Hypnotic Dirge Records / Solitude Productions, 12/10/2017
R.I.P. "Street Reaper", RidingEasy Records, 13/10/2017
PRIMITIVE MAN "Caustic", Relapse Records, 06/10/2017
PROCESSION "Doom Decimation", High Roller Records, 31/10/2017
SPECTRAL HAZE "Turning Electric", Totem Cat Records, 20/10/2010
STONEBIRDS "Time", self-release, 20/10/2017
YEAR OF THE COBRA "Burn Your Dead" EP, Magnetic Eye Records, 27/10/2017
BLACK CAPRICORN "Omega", Stone Stallion Rex, 02/11/2017
BONG CAULDRON "Binge", APF Records, 30/11/2017
ELECTRIC WIZARD "Wizard Bloody Wizard", Witchfinder / Spinefarm Records, 10/11/2017
HIGH REEPER s/t, self-release, 03/11/2017
I AM FIRE "From Ashes", Elevation Denmark, 10/11/2017
JUPITERIAN "Terraforming", Transcending Obscurity Records, 15/11/2017
PALE HORSEMAN "The Fourth Seal", self-release, 24/11/2017
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Sound Of The Wind", Listenable Records / Edel, 03/11/2017
PURPLE HILL WITCH "Celestial Cemetery", The Church Within Records, 10/11/2017
THE MOTH "Hysteria", This Charming Man Records, 10/11/2017
VESSEL OF LIGHT s/t, Argonauta Records, 03/11/2017
YLVA "META", Pelagic Records /Translation Loss Records, 17/11/2017

Times of Splendour & Grief: Doom Metal Front's Top 100 Albums 2014

Doom Metal Front's
Top 100 Albums 2014

"Himmelhoch jauchzend, zu Tode betrübt.
On top of the world, down in the dumbs."

Auf das vergangene Jahr zurückblickend, verhält es sich in der Musik wie im Leben. Sie ist unglaublich emotional, mal in Hochstimmung, ein anderes Mal tieftraurig und verzweifelt oder wütend. Diese Liste ist nicht aus einer Umfrage heraus entstanden, sondern eine höchst subjektive, persönliche Alben-Zusammenstellung in alphabetischer Reihenfolge.

Looking back onto the past year it's the same in music as in life. Music is unbelievably emotional, sometimes in high spirit, desolate and desperate at another time or angry. This list is no poll, it is a highly subjective, personal compilation of albums in alphabetical order.

Doom over the world, Sven Mihlan (Hrsg. | Publ.)

ALGOMA – Reclaimed By The Forest
"Brutaler Holzfäller-Sludge mit Verletzungsgarantie!
Brutal lumberjacks sludge, injury guaranteed!"

AEONSGATE – Pentalpha (The Church Within Records, Doom Metal)
ALGOMA – Reclaimed By The Forest (Dead Beat Media, Sludge/Doom Metal)
ALUNAH – Awakening The Forest (Napalm Records, Doom Metal)
ANGUISH – Mountain (Dark Descent Records, Doom Metal)
APHONIC THRENODY – When Death Comes (Doomentia Records, Death Doom Metal)
APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE – Of Woe And Wounds (Cruz Del Sur Music, Doom Metal)
ATTALLA – s/t (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Sludge/Doom Metal)

BARABBAS – Messe Pour Un Chien
"Komplexes, eingängiges Doom-Groove-Monster. 
Complex & catchy Doom groove monster."

BARABBAS – Messe Pour Un Chien (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Traditional Doom Metal)
BEGRÄBNIS / ESTRANGEMENT – Reinlich Weisse Trauer/Childlike Bewilderment (Split)
(Weird Truth Productions, Funeral Doom Metal)
BLACKFINGER – s/t (The Church Within Records, Doom Metal)
BLOOD FARMERS – Headless Eyes (Resurrection Productions, Doom Metal)
BRAIN PYRAMID – Chasma Hideout (Acid Cosmonaut Records, Psych/Stonerrock)
BURNING SAVIOURS – Boken Om Förbannelsen (I Hate, Doom Metal)

BRAIN PYRAMID – Chasma Hideout
"Fuzzy Spacetrip durch die Heavy-Riff-Galaxie.
Fuzzy space trip through the galaxy of the heavy riff."

CAPILLA ARDIENTE – Bravery, Truth And The Endless Darkness (High Roller Records, Doom Metal)
CARONTE – Church Of Shamanic Goethia (Ván Records/Soulfood, Doom Metal)
CASKETS OPEN – To Serve The Collapse (Ranka Kustannus, Doom Metal)
CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC – To Sleep Beyond The Earth (Kinda Like Music, Post-Rock/Doom)
CONAN – Blood Eagle (Napalm Records, Sludge/Doom Metal)
CULTED  – Oblique To All Paths (Relapse Records, Doom Metal)


DOOM DIVISION – Train Rolls On
"Diese Sludge-Lok isst Eisenschwellen und schwitzt Diesel.
Steal sleepers eating & diesel sweating sludge engine."

DEMON INCARNATE – Reincarnation (DYK Records/Voodoo Chamber Records, Doom Metal)
DESERT LORD – To The Unknown (Under A Serpent Sun Records, Stoner/Doom Metal)
DOCTOR CYCLOPS – Oscuropasso (World In Sound, Progressive/Doom Metal)
DOMADORA – Tibetan Monk (Bilocation/Kozmik Artifactz, Psychedelic/Stoner Rock)
DOOM DIVISION – Train Rolls On (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Sludge/Southern Metal)
DOOMED – Our Ruin Silhouettes (Solitude Productions, Death Doom Metal)
DOOM:VS – Earthless (Solitude Productions, Funeral Doom Metal)
DREAD SOVEREIGN – All Hell's Martyrs (Ván Records, Doom Metal)

"Eine unwiderstehliche Dreiecksbeziehung zwischen Doom-Riffs, Drones und Industrial-Klängen.
A compelling triangel between Doom riffs, drones and industrial sounds."

EA – A Etilla (Solitude Productions, Funeral Doom Metal)
ECHOES OF YUL – Tether (Zoharum Records, Industrial/Drone/Doom Metal)
ELECTRIC WIZARD – Time To Die (Spinefarm Records, Doom Metal)
ELLIOTT'S KEEP – Nascentes Morimur (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Doom/Heavy Metal)
EXCRUCIATION – [g]host (Auric Records/Gadget Records, Doom Metal)
FROGSKIN / LÄHDÖN AIKA – Split-7-Inch (82-Records/Rusto-Osiris/Rämekuukkeli, Sludge/Crust)

– Cruel Surprises (Split-LP)
"Kuscheln verboten, hier gibt's bösartigen,
vercrusteten Sludge.
Cuddling prohibited, this is malicious, crusted sludge."

GODCHILLA – Cosmatos (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Sludge)
GOLDEN GORILLA / GHOST OF WEM – Cruel Surprises (Split-LP)
(Per Koro Records/Meta Matter Records, Sludge)
HAWKMOTH – Calamitas (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Post-Metal)
HIGH FIGHTER – The Goat Ritual (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Stoner/Sludge Metal)
HOGBITCH – s/t (Dogfingers Recordings, Heavy Rock/Doom Metal)
HOODED MENACE – Gloom Immemorial (Doomentia Records, Death Doom Metal)
HORN OF THE RHINO – Summoning Deliverance (Doomentia Records, Doom/Thrash Metal)


HORN OF THE RHINO – Summoning Deliverance
"Wie gewohnt ein unerreichbarer Spagat zwischen Doom-Hymnen und Thrash-Hausnummern.
An unreachable balancing act between Doom hymns and thrash metal monsters, as usual."

IDES OF GEMINI – Old World New Wave (Neurot Recordings, Post-Metal)
INDIAN – From All Purity (Relapse Records, Sludge/Doom Metal)
ISOLE – The Calm Hunter (Cyclone Empire, Epic Doom Metal)
KARMA TO BURN – Arch Stanton (FABA & Deepdive Records, Instrumental Rock)
KING HEAVY – Horror Absoluto (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Heavy/Doom Metal)
KING BONG – Pinng: Or The Underwater Adventure Of A Young Cthulhu
(Mother Fuzzer Records, Sludge/Doom/Blues)

LUNA – Ashes To Ashes
"Ein einstündiges, zur Oper gereichendes
An hour-long operatic piece of Funeral Doom Metal."

L'IRA DEL BACCANO – Terra 42 (Subsound Records, Stoner/Psych/Progrock)
LEAF HOUND – Live In Japan (Ripple Music, Heavy Blues Rock)
LIMB – s/t (New Heavy Sounds/Cargo, Sludge/Doom Metal)
LONELY KAMEL – Shit City (Napalm Records, Doom Metal)
LUNA – Ashes To Ashes (Solitude Productions, Funeral Doom Metal)

MAGE – Last Orders
"Bodenständer Brit-Doom mit ultra-schwerem Riffing und Heavy-Rock-Attitüde.
Down-to-earth Brit-Doom serving massive riffs and heavy rock attitude."

MAGE – Last Orders (Witch Hunter Records, Doom Metal)
MARS RED SKY – Stranded In Arcadia (Listenable Records, Stoner/Doom Metal)
MONOLITH – Dystopia (Final Gate Records, Heavy Rock/Doom Metal)
MOON COVEN – Amanita Kingdom (Transubstans Records/Records Heaven, Doom/Stonerrock)
MOON CURSE – s/t (Bilocation Records, Stoner/Doom Metal)
MORTALICUM – Tears From The Grave (Metal On Metal Records, Heavy/Doom Metal)

MONOLITH – Dystopia
"Klingt erdig wie Black Sabbath in ihren Anfangstagen, warum auch nicht!
Sounds earthy like Black Sabbath in their earliest days, why not!"

NARROW HOUSE – Thanathonaut (BadMoodMan Music, Progressive/Doom Metal)
NYOGTHA – The Black Void Between The Stars (Hibernacula Records, Drone)
OCEAN CHIEF – Universums Härd (I Hate, Sludge/Doom Metal)
OLDE – I (Hypaethral Records, Sludge/Doom Metal)
OMIT – Medusa Truth Part 1 (Secret Quarters, Melodic Doom Metal)
OPHIS – Abhorrence In Opulence (Cyclone Empire, Death Doom Metal)

"Herrlich verspielte Sludge/Doom-Keule mit Sons Of Otis-Mitgliedern.
Gorgeously playful Sludge/Doom cudgel featuring Sons Of Otis members."

PALLBEARER – Foundations Of Burden (Profound Lore Records, Doom Metal)
PAUL CHAIN – Alkahest (Re-Release) (Minotauro Records, Doom/Dark Rock)
PILGRIM – II: Void Worship (Metal Blade Records, Doom Metal)
PROFETUS – As All Seasons Die (Weird Truth Productions, Funeral Doom Metal)
PURPLE HILL WITCH – s/t (The Church Within Records, Doom Metal)
RAGE OF SAMEDI – Sign (Voodoo Chamber Records, Sludge/Doom)
RESTLESS OBLIVION – Sands Of Time (Solitude Productions, Death Doom Metal)

"Ein erfrischendes Death-Doom-Debüt von talentierten, jungen Russen.
A refreshing Death doom debut album by those talented, young Russians."

SACRO SANCTUS – Deus Volt (Metal On Metal Records, Heavy/Doom Metal)
SATAN'S SARTYRS – Die Screaming (Bad Omen Records, Heavy Rock/Doom Metal)
SEQUOIAN AEQUISON – Onomatopoeia (Slow Burn Records, Doom/Post-Metal)
SERPENT VENOM – Of Things Seen & Unseen (The Church Within Records, Doom Metal)
SERPENT WARNING – s/t (I Hate, Doom Metal)
SERPENTINE PATH – Emanations (Relapse Records, Death Doom Metal)
SHATTERED HOPE – Waters Of Lethe (Solitude Productions, Death Doom Metal)

"Schnörkellos, zeitlos, anmutig – Doom Metal in Reinform!
Unadorned, timeless, graceful – Doom Metal in its purest form!"

SLOW GREEN THING – I (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Stoner/Doom Metal)
SONIC BOOZE MACHINE – Doomed To Fail (Eigenveröffentlichung | Self-Release, Sludge/Southern Metal)
SOLAR HALOS – s/t (Devouter Records, Stoner/Doom Metal)
SPACE GOD RITUAL – From Void To Ocean (Morose Music, Heavy Rock/Doom Metal)
SPIRIT DESCENT – Anthem (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Doom Metal)
STENY LDA – Beloe Bezmolvie (Slow Burn Records, Atmospheric Post-Metal)
STONEBURNER – Life Drawing (Neurot Recordings, Sludge/Doom Metal)

"Entspannend wie der warme Mittsommerwind, ohne je an Intensität einzubüßen.
Relaxant like the warm midsummer wind without ever losing intensity."

THE LONE CROWS – Dark Clouds (World In Sound, Blues/Psych/Heavy Rock)
THE ORDER OF ISRAFEL – Wisdom (Napalm Records, Doom/Heavy Metal)
THE RISING SUN EXPERIENCE – Beyond The Oblivion Abyss (World In Sound, Psych/Heavy Rock)
THE SKULL – For Those Which Are Asleep (Tee Pee Records, Doom Metal)
UNSILENCE – A Fire On The Sea (Nine Records, Doom Metal)

– Beyond The Oblivion Abyss
"Nimmt dich auf eine strahlende, trippige, Heavy-Rock-Reise durch Raum und Zeit mit.
Takes you on a shining, trippy, heavy rock voyage through space and time."

VOLUME IV – Long In The Tooth (Ripple Music, Stoner/Doom/Heavy Metal)
WALK THROUGH FIRE – Hope Is Misery (Aesthetic Death/Wolves & Vibrancy Records, Sludge/Doom)
WHALERIDER – Thanatos (Eigenveröffentlichung | self-release, Psych/Stoner/Doom/Pop)
WIJLEN WIJ – Coronachs Of The Ω (Solitude Productions, Funeral Doom Metal)
WOE UNTO ME – A Step Into The Waters Of Forgetfulness (Solitude Productions, Death Doom Metal)

"Es bleibt nichts übrig außer Trauer, Wut und Verzweiflung – verstörender Slow-End-Sludge.
There's nothing left but grief, anger and despair – disturbing slow end sludge."

YEAR OF THE GOAT – The Key And The Gate (Napalm Records, Heavy Rock/Proto Metal)
YOB – Clearing The Path To Ascend (Neurot Recordings, Sludge/Doom Metal)
YURI GAGARIN – s/t (Sulatron Records, Psych/Spacerock)
ZAUM – Oracles (I Hate, Psych/Doom Metal)

Past Releases 2017

AATHMA "Avesta", Underground Legends Records – Listen
BANTHA RIDER s/t, self-release, 07/01/2017 – Listen
DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE "Seaweed", Suicide Records, 13/01/2017 – Listen
DOOM'S DAY "The Whore", PRC Music, 13/01/2017
DSW "Tales From The Cosmonaut", Acid Cosmonaut Records, 15/01/2017
ENDLESS FLOODS "II", Dry Cough Records, 06/01/2016
EPHEDRA "Can'-Ka No Rey", Argonauta Records, 30/01/2017
FREEDOM HAWK "Sunlight" (re-release), Ripple Music, 27/01/2017
FROZEN PLANET....1969 "Electric Smokehouse", Pepper Shaker Records / Headspin Records, 11/01/2017
HEREM "III", Inverse Records, 13/01/2017
JOHN GARCIA "The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues", Napalm Records, 27/01/2017
LIZZARD WIZZARD "Total War Power Bastard", self-release, 01/01/2017
MAGNET "Feel Your Fire", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
MANGOG "Awakens", Argonauta Records, 09/01/2017
MIRES "Loom", self-release, 13/01/2017 – Listen
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Magick Rites And Spells", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
WRATH OF ECHOES "A Fading Bloodline", PRC Music, 13/01/2017
1968 "Fortuna Havana", Black Bow Records, 10/02/2017
ASOFY "Nessun Luogo", Avantgarde Music, 22/02/2017
BATHSHEBA "Servus", Svart Records, 24/02/2017
BATTALIONS "Nothing To Lose", Black Bow Records, 27/02/2017
BURIED FEATHER "Mind Of The Swarm", Kozmik Artifactz, 10/02/2017
CONCRETE JELLY "Getting Noticed", Sliptrick Records, 07/02/2017
CRANIAL "Dark Towers / Bright Lights", Moment Of Collapse Records, 10/02/2017
DDENT "آكتئاب", self-release, 13/02/2017
ELECTRIC AGE "Sleep Of The Silent King", Argonauta Records, 27/02/2017
ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM "Goldsmith", self-release, 24/02/2017
GLOSON "Grimen", Art Of Propaganda, 13/02/2017
GRIM RAVINE "The Light Is From Below", Black Bow Records, 17/02/2017
HORISONT "About Time", Century Media Records, 03/02/2017
KINGNOMAD "Mapping The Inner Void", Ripple Music, 24/02/2017
KING WOMAN "Created In The Image Of Suffering", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
MARCHE FUNÈBRE "Into The Arms Of Darkness", MFL Records, 20/02/2017
NULA "Kenoma" EP, Black Bow Records, 24/02/2017
RHINO "The Law Of Purity", Argonauta Records, 13/02/2017
R.I.P. "In The Wind", Riding Easy Records, 03/02/2017
RÜCKWATER "Bonehead", Inverse Records, 24/02/2017
SANTO ROSTRO "The Healer", Discos Macarras, 03/02/2017 – Listen
STINKING LIZAVETA "Journey To The Underworld", Translation Loss Records, 17/02/2017
STRANGE BROUE "Seance" EP, Sunmask Records, 24/02/2017
TETHRA "Like Crows For The Earth", Sliptrick Records, 11/02/2017
THE DARKHORSE "The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep", Attic Records, 24/02/2017
THERA ROYA "Stone And Skin", self-release, 17/02/2017
UNEARTHLY TRANCE "Stalking The Ghost", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
VOIDCRUISER "Wayfarer", Argonauta Records, 27/02/2017
ALUNAH "Solennial", Svart Records, 17/03/2017
ALASTOR "Black Magic", Twin Earth Records, 24/03/2017
CALLIOPHIS "Cor Serpentis", Solitude Productions, 27/03/2017
CLOUD CATCHER "Trails Of Kozmik Dust", Totem Cat Records, 13/03/2017
DESERT KINGDOM s/t, Black Bow Records, 04/03/2017
DOCTOR CYCLOPS "Local Dogs", Heavy Psych Sounds Records, 31/03/2017
DREAD SOVEREIGN "For Doom The Bell Tolls", Ván Records, 03/03/2017
DRUDE s/t, self-release, 03/03/2017
FANGE "Pourrissoir", Throatruiner Records, 17/03/2017
FORMING THE VOID "Relic", Argonauta Records, 17/03/2017
HOLLOW LEG "Murder" EP, Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
ILLIMITABLE DOLOR s/t, Transcending Obscurity Records, 22/03/2017
KREYSKULL "The Bird Of Bad Weather", Sliptrick Records, 30/03/2017
MOTHERSLOTH "Moon Omen", Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
MOUNTAIN GOD "Bread Solstice", Artificial Head Records, 24/03/2017
NUDIST "Bury My Innocence", Argonauta Records, 20/03/2017
OCEANWAKE "Earthen", VicSolum Records, 10/03/2017
OHHMS "The Fool", Holy Roar Records, 31/03/2017
OTUS "7.83Hz", Argonauta Records, 20/03/2017
PALLBEARER "Heartless", Profound Lore Records, 24/03/2017
SHOW OF BEDLAM "Transfiguration", PRC Music, 31/03/2017
SPACETRUCKER "Launch Sequence", self-release, 31/03/2017
TELEKINETIC YETI "Abominable", Sump Pump Records, 17/03/2017
TELEPATHY "Tempest", Golden Antenna Records, 31/03/2017
THE HAZYTONES s/t, Sunmask Records, 24/03/2017
WITCHSTONE "Mortal Fear Of Infinity", self-release / Sunmask Records (distribution), 03/03/2017
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE "Among The Ruins", Transcending Obscurity Records, 15/04/2017
ARCTIC SLEEP "Arbors" (re-release), The Church Within Records, 21/04/2017
ARCTIC SLEEP "Passage Of Gaia" (re-release), The Church Within Records, 21/04/2017
CRACKHOUSE s/t EP, Argonauta Records, 07/04/2017
CURSE THE SON "Isolator", Ripple Music, 07/04/2017
CURSUS s/t, Artificial Head Records, 28/04/2017
DARSOMBRA "Polyvision", Translation Loss Records, 14/04/2017
DAUTHA "Den Förste" MCD/EP, Ván Records, 21/04/2017
DEMON HEAD "Thunder On The Fields", The Sign Records, 07/04/2017
DEVIL "To The Gallows", Soulseller Records, 21/04/2017
ELEPHANT BELL "Gates Of Dawn", Argonauta Records, 28/04/2017
EVOKE THY LORDS "Lifestories", Solitude Productions, 24/04/2017
FUNERALIUM "Of Throes And Blight", Weird Truth Productions, 12/04/2017
GREEN METEOR "Consumed By A Dying Sun", Argonauta Records, 21/04/2017
IMINDAIN "The Enemy Of Fetters And Dwellers In The Woods", Weird Truth Productions, 12/04/2017
KITCHEN WITCH s/t, Kozmik Artifactz, 14/04/2017
LIFE OF AGONY "A Place Where There's No More Pain", Napalm Records, 28/04/2017
MOONBOW "War Bear", Ripple Music, 21/04/2017
OBELYSKKH "The Providence", Exile On Mainstream Records, 21/04/2017
THE OBSESSED "Sacred", Relapse Records, 07/04/2017
THE RIVEN "Blackbird", self-release, 14/04/2017
WITCHAPTER "Spellcaster" EP, Black Bow Records, 07/04/2017
BEASTMAKER "Inside The Skull", Rise Above Records, 19/05/2017
BELOW "Upon A Pale Horse", Metal Blade Records, 19/05/2017
BELOW THE SUN "Alien World", Temple Of The Torturous, 26/05/2017
BLACKBIRD HILL "Midday Moonlight", self-release, 05/05/2017
DESCARADO "Odd", Oak Island Records / Kozmik Artifactz
DRUG HONKEY "Cloak Of Skies", Transcending Obscurity Records, 05/05/2017
FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN "Ether / Return To Earth", Argonauta Records, 05/05/2017
HARVESTMAN "Music For Megaliths", Neurot Recordings, 19/05/2017
HEAVY TEMPLE "Chassit", Ván Records, 26/05/2017
HEAVY TRAFFIC "Plastic Surgery", Twin Earth Records, 26/05/2017
HUMULUS "Reverently Heading Into Nowhere", Oak Island Records / Kozmik Artifactz
MAHAKALA "The Second Fall", Supreme Music Creations, 26/05/2017
MERCHANT "Beneath", Black Bow Records, 12/05/2017
MONOBROW "The Nacarat", Trill Or Be Trilled Records, 30/05/2017
MORASS OF MOLASSES "These Paths We Tread", HeavySike Records, 19/05/2017
NORSKA "Too Many Winters", Brutal Panda Records, 26/05/2017
PYRESHIP "The Liars Bend Low", Black Bow Records, 26/05/2017
RED BEARD WALL s/t, Argonauta Records, 12/05/2017
RED MOON ARCHITECT "Return Of The Black Butterflies", Inverse Records, 19/05/2017
SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT "One With The Universe", Electric Magic Records, 12/05/2017
STEAK "No God To Save", Ripple Music, 19/05/2017
SUMMONER "Beyond The Realm Of Light", Magnetic Eye Records, 12/05/2017
WARCRAB "Scars Of Aeons", Transcending Obscurity Records, 01/05/2017
AKATHARTA "Spiritus Immundus", Pulverised Records, 23/06/2017
BURY THE MACHINES "Wicked Covenant" EP, Midnite Collective, 09/06/2017
CIRCLE "Terminal", Southern Lord Records, 23/06/2017
DEATH THE LEVELLER s/t EP, self-release, 12/06/2017
DEMONAUTA "Tierra Del Fuego", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 09/06/2017
ENTER THE SOIL "That Ember Lit Morning", self-release, 09/06/2017 – Listen!
FIRE DOWN BELOW "Viper, Vixen, Goddes, Saint", Ripple Music, 23/06/2017
HOLLOW LEG "Crown, Murder Edition", Argonauta Records, 30/06/2017
LÂMINA "Lilith", Raging Planet, 02/06/2017
MARS RED SKY "Myramyd" 12-inch-EP, self-release, 17/06/2017
SAPATA "Satanibator", Inverse Records, 02/06/2017
SPACE WITCH "Arcanum", HeavySike Records, 09/06/2017
VOKONIS "The Sunken Djinn", Ripple Music, 09/06/2017
WASTES "Into The Void Of Human Vacuity", Code666 Records, 15/06/2017
WEIRD TALES s/t, self-release, 01/06/2017
WITCHTHROAT SERPENT 7-inch-EP, Svart Records, 16/06/2016
A STICK AND A STONE "The Long Lost Art Of Getting Lost", Sentient Ruin / Breathe Plastic / Spirit House, 21/07/2017
BORIS "Dear", Sargent House, 14/07/2017
BRUME "Rooster", DHU Records / Doom Stew Records, 15/07/2017
CAMBRIAN "Mobular", Taxi Driver Records – Listen!
CONTRA "Deny Everything", Robustfellow Productions / Shifty Records, 01/07/2017
DESTROYER OF LIGHT "Chamber Of Horrors", Heavy Friends Records, 14/07/2017
FLESHPRESS "Hulluuden Muuri", Kult Of Nihilow, 14/07/2017
GRAND DELUSION "Supreme Machine", Minotauro Records, 14/07/2017
GOD ROOT "Salt And Rot", Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 11/07/2017
HAIR OF THE DOG "This World Turns", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 14/07/2017
KABBALAH "Spectral Ascent", Twin Earth Records, 07/07/2017
KING ZOG s/t, 28/07/2017
KROH "Altars", Minotauro Records, 14/07/2017
NIBIRU "Caosgon" (remastered), Argonauta Records, 07/07/2017
POSEIDON "Prologue", Ripple Music, 21/07/2017
SEER "Vol. III & IV: Cult Of The Void", Art Of Propaganda, 07/07/2017
SHROUD EATER "Strike The Sun", STB Records, 07/07/2017
THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN "Cypress Ave", Napalm Records, 28/07/2017
CANYON OF THE SKULL "The Desert Winter", self-release, 19/08/2017
CARONTE "Yoni", Ván Records, 25/08/2017
DEMON EYE "Prophecies And Lies", Soulseller Records, 11/08/2017
DEVIL ELECTRIC s/t, Kozmik Artifactz, 11/08/2017
FALSE GODS "Reports From Oblivion" EP, self-release, 18/08/2017
HELL s/t, Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 11/08/2017
HOWLING GIANT "Black Hole Space Wizard (Part 2)", Magnetic Eye Records, 25/08/2017
THE JUDGE "Tell It To The Judge", Ripple Music, 04/08/2017
LOW FLYING HAWKS "Genkaku", Magnetic Eye Records, 25/08/2017
OLDE "Temple", Magnetic Eye Records, 11/08/2017
TUNGA MOLN "III", Hevisike Records, 11/08/2017
71TONMANN "Earthwreck", Black Bow Records, 22/09/2017
BIG | BRAVE "Ardor", Southern Lord Records, 15/09/2017
CARDINALS FOLLY "Deranged Pagan Sons", Nine Records (CD) / Topillo Records (LP), 04/09/2017
CHURCH OF VOID s/t, Argonauta Records, 15/09/2017
CITIES OF MARS "Temporal Rifts", Argonauta Records, 29/09/2017
CRAWL "This Sad Cadav'r", Black Bow Records, 01/09/2017
DEADSMOKE "Mountain Legacy", Heavy Psych Sound Records, 29/09/2017
FACES OF THE BOG "Ego Death", DHU Records, 22/09/2017
HANDS OF ORLAC / THE WANDERING MIDGETSplit, Cruz Del Sur Music, 08/09/2017
MAHARAJA "Kali Yuga", self-release, 22/09/2017
MENIN "Lord Of Pain" EP, Doom Stew Records, 15/09/2017
MESMUR "S", Solitude Productions, 15/09/2017
MINDKULT "Lucifer's Dream", Transcending Obscurity Records, 20/09/2017
MONARCH "Never Forever", Profound Lore Records, 22/09/2017
MONOLORD "Rust", RidingEasy Records, 29/09/2017
PARADISE LOST "Medusa", Nuclear Blast Records, 01/09/2017
PROFETUS "Coronation of the Black Sun" (remastered), Weird Truth Productions, 27/09/2017
PROCESS OF GUILT "Black Earth", Bleak Recordings / Division Records, 22/09/2017
RED MOUNTAINS "Slow Wander", All Good Clean Records, 01/09/2017
SATOR "Ordeal", Argonauta Records, 01/09/2017
THREE EYES LEFT "The Cult Of Astaroth", Argonauta Records, 15/09/2017
UFOMAMMUT "8", Neurot Recordings, 22/09/2017
USNEA "Portals Into Futility", Relapse Records, 08/09/2017
WITH THE DEAD "Love With The Dead", Rise Above Records, 22/09/2017





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