Release Dates

AMAROK "Devoured", Translation Loss Records, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
DOOMED "6 Anti-Odes To Life", Solitude Productions, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
DRUG CULT s/t, Ritual Productions, 21/06/2018 – FB, Home
ENHAILER "Dumb Enough To Care" EP, Burnout Records, 14/06/2018 – FB, BC
EYE OF SOLITUDE "Slaves To Solitude", self-release, 01/06/2018 – FB, Home
FRAYLE "The White Witch" EP, Seeing Red Records / Lay Bare Recordings, 15/06/2018 – FB, BC
HAUNTED "Dayburner", Twin Earth Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
KHEMMIS "Desolation", 20 Buck Spin / Nuclear Blast Records, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC, Home
KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons", Cruz Del Sur Music, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
KITE "The All Penetrating Silence", Sludgelord Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
LESSER GLOW "Ruined", Pelagic Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
MIST "Free Me Of The Sun", Soulseller Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
RAUM KINGDOM "Everything & Nothing", self-release, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
SLOMATICS / CONAN split, Black Bow Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
SOLILOQUIUM "Contemplations", Transcending Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
THE AGE OF TRUTH "Threshold", Kozmik Artifactz, 29/06/2018 – FB, BC
THE RED COIL "Himalayan Demons", Argonauta Records, 22/06/2018 – FB, BC
VOID OF SILENCE "The Sky Over", Avantgarde Music, 11/06/2018 – FB, BC
WITCHSKULL "Coven's Will", Rise Above Records, 01/06/2018 – FB, BC
YOB "Our Raw Heart", Relapse Records, 08/06/2018 – FB, BC
1968 "Ballads of the Godless", HeviSike, 06/07/2018 – FB, BC
HANGMAN'S CHAIR "Banlieue Triste", Spinefarm Records, 27/07/2018 – FB, BC
KIELKROPF "Ignorance Is Bliss" EP, Sludgelord Records, 06/07/2018 – FB, BC
LUCIFER "Lucifer II", Century Media Records, 06/07/2018 – FB
SPACESLUG "Eye the Tide", BSFD Records, 20/07/2018 – FB, BC
WITCHKISS "The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes", Argonauta Records, 13/07/2018 – FB, BC
LURK "Fringe", Transcending Obscurity Records, 05/08/2018 – FB, BC

Planet Gemini (Interview)

Hi H, you recently put out your very first real CD-album called "Wicked" via psycheDOOMelic records. But PLANET GEMINI has been existing for, please correct me, about thirteen years now. Why didn't you release your stuff earlier?

“Well, technically that is untrue although I know that is the word that is going around in press releases. Fact of the matter is I've done full pressings of all of my Planet Gemini releases and a couple of Cauldron of Fuzz albums. Wicked is the first release on an actual 3rd party label. Before I released everything under Gemini Records and later WoeconstrictoR Records. It was all done with my own finances and they are pressed very professionally with lyrics and full colour artwork. I'm sold out of most of my older albums with the exception of SuperGod[t]DevilMan and Wizards Blood, which is currently available in most fine online music dealers. I did very large runs of these two albums because the others that I pressed ended up selling out on me. So, I should be good to supply those other albums for a while. I think it's awesome how the release of 'Wicked' has made these other albums in demand again. I will say this though psycheDOOMelic made this so easy for me that I regret not getting in touch with them sooner. I've always been very weary of having a 3rd party getting involved in releasing one of my albums. I've been in talks with many labels over the years. In previous dealings with other labels they always wanted me to change something. Take a song out, change the tracklisting, change the NAME of the album. That wasn't going to happen. psycheDOOMelic got it right! They basically said ‘Do what you want because YOU are Planet Gemini and you know what you want people to hear from you’. The result is ‘Wicked’ and I couldn't be happier with the release. The music, the layout it is all still done by me just like the other releases. I had a good friend of mine (renowned Heavy Metal Journalist Martin Popoff) do cover art this time around but, even that was tweaked by me a little bit in terms of colours and shadings and whatnot. I take a big hands on approach to Planet Gemini. I am kind of a control freak because it very much is my brainchild, my mindscape and very much my passion. Wicked is basically a journey into my completely dark and demented headspace. But, yeah it's been thirteen years (1997) since I took the name ‘Planet Gemini’ the material for our first demo was written all the way back in 1994 so some of the music is even older it's so crazy how time flies!”

Yes, indeed! Maybe you tell something about the time before PLANET GEMINI. Have you always been a one-man-show?

“No, not always. PLANET GEMINI started out as a duo. My very good friend Josh and I decided to make PLANET GEMINI out of a band we had when we were teenagers. The band was called 'Black Knight' and we played a lot of shows in the New England area in the early 90's. When the drummer ended up leaving the band Josh and I decided to do our own thing and write some songs. I was fascinated with the advent of the internet. Josh and I ended up buying a bunch of recording equipment and started putting up some demos on a webpage way before there was a myspace, napster, etc. We got a really good response from that and as time went on we let it grow further and further. It always astounds me how things have changed. I am 33 now and if you would have told me when I was 15 that I would have worked with a member of Black Sabbath and Trouble I would have thought you were crazy. I owe a lot of it to the internet. That's why I always gave away my music as well as selling it. Fact of the matter is that I would rather have someone singing my songs than buying my CDs. Don't get me wrong the support is awesome and it really helps to have albums that actually sell so that labels will actually continue putting out my stuff. But, my style of music is not for everyone. If I wanted to be loved by everyone I would play a more mainstream style of music. Musical integrity is what it's all about to me. If I wanted to be famous I would be playing pop music and selling my songs to soulless corporate media outlets, who could care less about music and passion and just want a catchy chorus and a glossy image. Fuck image - that's why I don't put pictures of myself out there, I don't use my full name on my albums. It's not about all of that. It's all about the music.
Josh was awesome because he was the same way: He never wanted to use his full name he was totally cool with very little to no pictures and no last names. In 2006 Josh left the band to pursue other life ventures that didn't involve music. We still talk from time to time and believe me, he is as close to me as family. It was such an honor making those first few albums with him. We really had a blast in the old days and somewhere along the way people started taking us serious as musicians. I don't think Josh was ever ready for that. There was a lot that made Josh bow out. I think that after Cauldron of Fuzz 2 Josh's heart just wasn't in it anymore. I basically wrote all of Cauldron of Fuzz 3 and a lot of Wizard's Blood. By that point Josh was just showing up to throw bass on demos. He'd give 'em to me and hope that I would approve it and if I didn't he'd get annoyed and try again. Josh was a very good player and he understood very much what I wanted him to play. But, in the end it got down to the point where the dude was stressing out over it. For Josh, PLANET GEMINI was about sitting down, hanging out and hacking out tunes. For me, PLANET GEMINI was this painting. It was dark and emotional, about power and triumph. It was more than just two dudes jamming. It was about the e-mails I was getting from people, who told me that PLANET GEMINI was being played by them daily. I would get e-mails from people telling me about their problems and how PG helped them cope with it or get through things. I'm not saying that Josh's perspective was wrong but to me. I wanted my music to mean more than that. 
My music is dark but it is done from a place of power and positivity. I always get a lot of people, who tell me that my music is very angry. Well, to me anger is therapy. We all need an outlet to release it. That's what "The Beast on Your Back" is all about. If it wasn't for me screaming at the top of my lungs into a microphone, who knows where I'd be right now. Music is beautiful because it carries so much emotion. One of the major comments I get when people review my music is people using words like 'Soul, Emotion and Passion'. I don't have to tell people how emotional my music is, people who really listen can hear it. It carries through the notes in this swirling dark symphony that I try to create. It's almost magical how we can put so much power into a guitar riff or how our voice can carry grief, anger and power. It truly is a gift a that I wish more musicians would explore, because sometimes I listen to some of these bands out there and their music feels so dead. The writing is decent and the notes are all in place. But the performance is lacking.
Personally I try to make my albums feel as powerful as a band performing live. I've had guitar takes that were structurally perfect but they just didn't have that emotion in them. So I would delete them and start again. I would keep takes with mistakes in them over perfect takes that felt robotic. When I record PLANET GEMINI material it is at extremely loud volumes. The vocal tracks are recorded over loud music not in some booth with headphones on. I'm screaming at the top of my lungs and I'm pushing out every once of power I possibly can. I like to think that it really does make a difference in the final product.”

Your vocal style and guitar play remembers me of Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society) and stuff at some points, less of Candlemass and Trouble as it is often said. How about your musical roots and idols, what are the main influences for the sound of PLANET GEMINI?

“I was actually quite the heavy metal snob growing up. If it wasn't metal, hard rock or maybe classical I wouldn't even bother listening to it. I basically grew up on Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Judas Priest. My guitar playing was greatly inspired by Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore, John Christ and so on... It's funny that so many people make the Zakk comparison to my guitar playing because I've never been a big fan of Zakk. However, I'll take it. I mean, he is a phenomenal guitar player! I always found his sound a little heavy on the fx. I also think he over-uses the pinch harmonic a bit. But, I mean that's his style. Few people have it and to be honest whenever I hear Zakk on a song I KNOW it's Zakk. So that speaks volumes about his identity as a player. 
My vocals were very much inspired by Ozzy from the Black Sabbath Sabotage era, as well as Halford from the Painkiller era and Dio. I'm a huge fan of Ian Gillan's melodies. I think that I took a lot of his style in terms of the way his vocals sway. Also, I love Eric Adam's (Manowar) vocals. For as cheesy and borderline goofy as that band is they wrote some killer music and man can that guy sing! Of course my favorite vocalists at the moment are definitely Halford, Dio, Gillan, Adams (Manowar), Chritus (Terra Firma, Lord Vicar), Lowe (Candlemass, Solitude). I like singers that actually sing, Not just moan out vocals with no power.
As I grew up and developed more as a musician I started listening to Jazz a lot. Now, I pretty much listen to everything. I love funk music and some of the great gritty New Orleans blues/funk/jazz bands. I can listen to stuff like "The Meters" all day long. I like the groove, it really is something that is missing from a lot of heavy music. Everyone is so worried about being heavy that they forget the idea of music is to move people. Not bore them to tears with the same riff for 156 bars. Again, to each their own I suppose but I never really got into stuff that was THAT repetitive.
I like bands with originality. It's hard for me to list them all but really in terms of metal I tend to listen to the more "Power Metal" side of things and very rarely do I listen to anything new. I'm finding it harder and harder to find new doom metal bands that I can get into. I like Gates of Slumber's new stuff a lot. But, I fear if I listen to that too much my next album will sound like a poor man's Gates of Slumber.. hehe It's a compliment really. They do what they do so well and I really think that they are one of those bands that deserves a lot more attention. I've always been like that though. I think it's the same with any artist really. If you surround yourself with something it kind of becomes a part of your project. I try to steer clear from stuff that I feel might get entangled in my creative web so to speak. There's a lot of doom metal bands out there that tend to drink from the same cup. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between some of them. Bands like Gates of Slumber and Argus are really doing their own thing. The Argus stuff to me is more good old fashioned heavy metal than doom. But, some would say the same about my stuff. I never really cared about genres. If you want to call me a polka band I could care less as long as you're listening to the music. So I guess I'm saying look out for my next album... Black Polka Doom, hehe!”

There's nothing bad about Polka at all, and as I am open minded towards new Doom sub-genres it could indeed be very interesting, just surprise me. I have read that "Wicked" is somewhat like a special edition CD-album, please tell us about this!

“It's a collector's edition because the original version of Wicked was put out on the internet for free in 2008. This is a completely remixed, remastered and really just an all around revamped version of the album. The artwork has been tweaked a bit and it's in a very classy 8 page digipack. The booklet has stories about creating the album as well as some pretty cool artwork. I really tried to make this as personal as possible. I realize that a lot of people have downloaded the album. But, this is really something special for those who want to support the project and own something a little more special from Planet Gemini. This isn't just some tacked on pressing for the sake of pressing it. When I talked with the folks at PsycheDOOMelic about what we should do for the release I was basically green lighted on everything. This is for the person who wants to have a little bit of a glimpse behind the curtain.
I added 2 bonus songs on there. One is a song called "Fal From the Sky" which is a track that was written and recorded with the other songs from the album. It fits well but it well but there was a bit of an annoying distortion on the snare track of the original recording. It is still there but I tried to mask it as much as possible and make the song fit with the collector's edition. The 2nd bonus track is "Rise of the RedGod" which is a song that I actually wrote in 2009. I wrote it for the Classic Rock UK magazine. It was a track that I did really fast and I was actually quite stunned at how much the lyrics were talking about "Grim (My God of Red)". Especially because Grim was written in 2006. But, really Rise of the RedGod could have easily been the song to follow Grim on the album. It just all came together so well. I love the album ending with "Eden" because it is so haunting but, in this case I thought that the original album should stay in tact and that the bonus songs should be a little bonus at the end. Love em' or hate em' they are kind of rounding out the experience well. One important thing is that I don't feel like the 2 bonus songs are just tacked on. I feel like they both have a very good place on the album and while Fall From the Sky might not be the opus that "The Deadly Sleep" is, it definitely adds that upbeat aggression that I like to touch on. All in all this album is THE definitive Planet Gemini experience at the moment. It's selling very well and I'm very happy with it.
That is really one thing that I am so proud of with Planet Gemini. I have never done anything with my music that I am not satisfied with. Even when I was offered some decent deals to compromise I always maintained Planet Gemini's integrity. Really you can say whatever you want about PG but it is the purest music that you'll listen to in the sense that; it is basically a direct line into my head. Sometimes some of the stuff that comes out of it is scary but, all in all I don't think it would feel as "real" any other way. A true artist always tries to balance on the wire between insanity and genius and while I don't consider myself to be a technical wizard. I think that I can paint a picture quite well with my music. Whether it be a soothing landscape or a hellish abstract that's totally up to the listener to decide.”

Could you imagine to play live or even to go on tour some day, as you have indeed enough material for a headliner show?

“I get asked that a lot. It would require the right musicians with the right attitude and commitment to putting on a good show. I wouldn't just want some "Sit in" players I would want people who actually could throw in some ideas about how to perform these songs live. I've been asked to do many festivals in the past and even was asked to play on a couple this year. But, I just can't imagine doing a show unless I have a good, well rehearsed band to play the stuff. It would have to be a totally different experience than listening to the album.”

Sure, but have you already been looking for those right musicians at all or is it more a problem of arranging duties, which you have been doing alone most of the time ?

“I own and operate a recording studio so new musicians are not hard to come by. I've worked with some great players in the past but, really it's a matter of commitment not delegation. I have had offers for other bands members to come sit in on a set in the past but, again it's more important to me that the music is played the way I want it to be. I'm not going to go out there and just half ass a set. Fact is people that want to see Planet Gemini live probably know the material fairly well and I wouldn't ever want to deliver anything but a perfect product. 
There was a point in 2007 where I had some friends coming in every week and we were just jamming Planet Gemini tunes. It was so weird to hear everyone play my parts. The drummer was far superior to me in terms of ability but, groove is very important. The guitar player was astounded at how messed up my style of guitar playing is. I play very strange, I was never taught guitar formally so I bend the hell out of my strings and do chords that don't really make sense sometimes. So when you get a player who is used to playing Iron Maiden type stuff... it's just going to cause chaos hehe. It was awesome though. We easily had 1 hour of good material. Church of Madness, DevilMan, Song of Servants, A Time Before Time, Flicker, Preachin' to the Choir, Demonic Wall, Moondancer, Minus and Take Me Home. All songs kind of weaving in and out of each other and adding moments of improvisation in between. If there was ever a time I would have been comfortable accepting a gig it would have been then. But, alas things come up and schedules get busy and whatnot. So, we don't jam anymore. I'd love to though. So maybe somewhere down the line. I'm not a tough guy to work with really I just take my music very seriously.”

Without doubt, you're kind of hot-blooded musician, which we will hopefully see on stage with a full PLANET GEMINI line-up some time. Please tell us about your work in the studio, the bands come and gone etc. I guess there's mainly Metal and Doom stuff recorded?

“You'd be surprised. I've produced a couple of stonerrock bands and some hardcore/punk stuff but, for the most part I've never recorded another doom project. I'd love to but, it's just never came up in this area. I'm kind of picky as to who I produce. I have to have a little interest in the artist or the musicianship going into the project. It's a long process. Usually when a band approaches me to record I check out their myspace page, listen to their music a bit. Then if I decide it is something that I am interested in getting involved with I try to either see them rehearse or play live. It gives me a feel of what sound they are trying to get, how things should be mic'd and recorded. What vibe they are trying to portray and so on. From there we have a sit down with me and the band and we discuss what is best to achieve their sound. Specific things like "Will the drummer play to a metronome?", "Would you like to record as a live band". My studio isn't really a place where people just come in record an album and leave. It's an experience. We spend time on their work. The way I see it is that these guys and gals are going to be listening to this album for the rest of their lives. I try to make it everything they want it to be.
I've never recorded an orchestra, that's really something I'd like to do sometime. It doesn't have to be a huge thing. Just something epic. I've done some indie movie soundtrack stuff with some friends and I've done lots of voice-over work for DVD's and whatnot. That shit is boring as hell and quite frustrating but, it pays the bills and makes me able to afford to buy more studio gear so who am I to complain?”

What are your future plans for PLANET GEMINI, guess you will continue the collaboration with Mark of PsycheDOOMelic Records, and write tons of new songs?

“Well, right now my studio is a revolving door with a lot of bands coming in to record. I am going to try to take some time over the next month or so and get in to polish up some demos I've been working on. I have already talked with Mark about doing a 2010 Planet Gemini release. Probably in the summer as I will have a little more free time. I'm very excited to release another CD with some of the newer material I've been working on. One thing is for certain it will be heavy I can guarantee you that.”

I'll take you at your word an thank you very much for this interview! Any last words?

“I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has listened to and (or) supported Planet Gemini in the past. A thank you to zines like DMF and others who really bust their ass to get this type of music some exposure. I understand that sometimes it feels like a thankless job but really if it wasn't for the hard work of people like yourself people like me would go relatively unnoticed by the Doom Metal community. We (the bands) owe so much to the loyal following of this style of music and really it means the world to me that there are people out there who will promote real music just because they love it. Not because it is trendy. So please continue to keep it real and thank you so much for your time.”
text: Mo)))urner
fotos: H

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MANGOG "Awakens", Argonauta Records, 09/01/2017
MIRES "Loom", self-release, 13/01/2017 – Listen
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Magick Rites And Spells", Soulseller Records, 27/01/2017
WRATH OF ECHOES "A Fading Bloodline", PRC Music, 13/01/2017
1968 "Fortuna Havana", Black Bow Records, 10/02/2017
ASOFY "Nessun Luogo", Avantgarde Music, 22/02/2017
BATHSHEBA "Servus", Svart Records, 24/02/2017
BATTALIONS "Nothing To Lose", Black Bow Records, 27/02/2017
BURIED FEATHER "Mind Of The Swarm", Kozmik Artifactz, 10/02/2017
CONCRETE JELLY "Getting Noticed", Sliptrick Records, 07/02/2017
CRANIAL "Dark Towers / Bright Lights", Moment Of Collapse Records, 10/02/2017
DDENT "آكتئاب", self-release, 13/02/2017
ELECTRIC AGE "Sleep Of The Silent King", Argonauta Records, 27/02/2017
ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM "Goldsmith", self-release, 24/02/2017
GLOSON "Grimen", Art Of Propaganda, 13/02/2017
GRIM RAVINE "The Light Is From Below", Black Bow Records, 17/02/2017
HORISONT "About Time", Century Media Records, 03/02/2017
KINGNOMAD "Mapping The Inner Void", Ripple Music, 24/02/2017
KING WOMAN "Created In The Image Of Suffering", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
MARCHE FUNÈBRE "Into The Arms Of Darkness", MFL Records, 20/02/2017
NULA "Kenoma" EP, Black Bow Records, 24/02/2017
RHINO "The Law Of Purity", Argonauta Records, 13/02/2017
R.I.P. "In The Wind", Riding Easy Records, 03/02/2017
RÜCKWATER "Bonehead", Inverse Records, 24/02/2017
SANTO ROSTRO "The Healer", Discos Macarras, 03/02/2017 – Listen
STINKING LIZAVETA "Journey To The Underworld", Translation Loss Records, 17/02/2017
STRANGE BROUE "Seance" EP, Sunmask Records, 24/02/2017
TETHRA "Like Crows For The Earth", Sliptrick Records, 11/02/2017
THE DARKHORSE "The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep", Attic Records, 24/02/2017
THERA ROYA "Stone And Skin", self-release, 17/02/2017
UNEARTHLY TRANCE "Stalking The Ghost", Relapse Records, 24/02/2017
VOIDCRUISER "Wayfarer", Argonauta Records, 27/02/2017
ALUNAH "Solennial", Svart Records, 17/03/2017
ALASTOR "Black Magic", Twin Earth Records, 24/03/2017
CALLIOPHIS "Cor Serpentis", Solitude Productions, 27/03/2017
CLOUD CATCHER "Trails Of Kozmik Dust", Totem Cat Records, 13/03/2017
DESERT KINGDOM s/t, Black Bow Records, 04/03/2017
DOCTOR CYCLOPS "Local Dogs", Heavy Psych Sounds Records, 31/03/2017
DREAD SOVEREIGN "For Doom The Bell Tolls", Ván Records, 03/03/2017
DRUDE s/t, self-release, 03/03/2017
FANGE "Pourrissoir", Throatruiner Records, 17/03/2017
FORMING THE VOID "Relic", Argonauta Records, 17/03/2017
HOLLOW LEG "Murder" EP, Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
ILLIMITABLE DOLOR s/t, Transcending Obscurity Records, 22/03/2017
KREYSKULL "The Bird Of Bad Weather", Sliptrick Records, 30/03/2017
MOTHERSLOTH "Moon Omen", Argonauta Records, 03/03/2017
MOUNTAIN GOD "Bread Solstice", Artificial Head Records, 24/03/2017
NUDIST "Bury My Innocence", Argonauta Records, 20/03/2017
OCEANWAKE "Earthen", VicSolum Records, 10/03/2017
OHHMS "The Fool", Holy Roar Records, 31/03/2017
OTUS "7.83Hz", Argonauta Records, 20/03/2017
PALLBEARER "Heartless", Profound Lore Records, 24/03/2017
SHOW OF BEDLAM "Transfiguration", PRC Music, 31/03/2017
SPACETRUCKER "Launch Sequence", self-release, 31/03/2017
TELEKINETIC YETI "Abominable", Sump Pump Records, 17/03/2017
TELEPATHY "Tempest", Golden Antenna Records, 31/03/2017
THE HAZYTONES s/t, Sunmask Records, 24/03/2017
WITCHSTONE "Mortal Fear Of Infinity", self-release / Sunmask Records (distribution), 03/03/2017
ALTAR OF BETELGEUZE "Among The Ruins", Transcending Obscurity Records, 15/04/2017
ARCTIC SLEEP "Arbors" (re-release), The Church Within Records, 21/04/2017
ARCTIC SLEEP "Passage Of Gaia" (re-release), The Church Within Records, 21/04/2017
CRACKHOUSE s/t EP, Argonauta Records, 07/04/2017
CURSE THE SON "Isolator", Ripple Music, 07/04/2017
CURSUS s/t, Artificial Head Records, 28/04/2017
DARSOMBRA "Polyvision", Translation Loss Records, 14/04/2017
DAUTHA "Den Förste" MCD/EP, Ván Records, 21/04/2017
DEMON HEAD "Thunder On The Fields", The Sign Records, 07/04/2017
DEVIL "To The Gallows", Soulseller Records, 21/04/2017
ELEPHANT BELL "Gates Of Dawn", Argonauta Records, 28/04/2017
EVOKE THY LORDS "Lifestories", Solitude Productions, 24/04/2017
FUNERALIUM "Of Throes And Blight", Weird Truth Productions, 12/04/2017
GREEN METEOR "Consumed By A Dying Sun", Argonauta Records, 21/04/2017
IMINDAIN "The Enemy Of Fetters And Dwellers In The Woods", Weird Truth Productions, 12/04/2017
KITCHEN WITCH s/t, Kozmik Artifactz, 14/04/2017
LIFE OF AGONY "A Place Where There's No More Pain", Napalm Records, 28/04/2017
MOONBOW "War Bear", Ripple Music, 21/04/2017
OBELYSKKH "The Providence", Exile On Mainstream Records, 21/04/2017
THE OBSESSED "Sacred", Relapse Records, 07/04/2017
THE RIVEN "Blackbird", self-release, 14/04/2017
WITCHAPTER "Spellcaster" EP, Black Bow Records, 07/04/2017
BEASTMAKER "Inside The Skull", Rise Above Records, 19/05/2017
BELOW "Upon A Pale Horse", Metal Blade Records, 19/05/2017
BELOW THE SUN "Alien World", Temple Of The Torturous, 26/05/2017
BLACKBIRD HILL "Midday Moonlight", self-release, 05/05/2017
DESCARADO "Odd", Oak Island Records / Kozmik Artifactz
DRUG HONKEY "Cloak Of Skies", Transcending Obscurity Records, 05/05/2017
FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN "Ether / Return To Earth", Argonauta Records, 05/05/2017
HARVESTMAN "Music For Megaliths", Neurot Recordings, 19/05/2017
HEAVY TEMPLE "Chassit", Ván Records, 26/05/2017
HEAVY TRAFFIC "Plastic Surgery", Twin Earth Records, 26/05/2017
HUMULUS "Reverently Heading Into Nowhere", Oak Island Records / Kozmik Artifactz
MAHAKALA "The Second Fall", Supreme Music Creations, 26/05/2017
MERCHANT "Beneath", Black Bow Records, 12/05/2017
MONOBROW "The Nacarat", Trill Or Be Trilled Records, 30/05/2017
MORASS OF MOLASSES "These Paths We Tread", HeavySike Records, 19/05/2017
NORSKA "Too Many Winters", Brutal Panda Records, 26/05/2017
PYRESHIP "The Liars Bend Low", Black Bow Records, 26/05/2017
RED BEARD WALL s/t, Argonauta Records, 12/05/2017
RED MOON ARCHITECT "Return Of The Black Butterflies", Inverse Records, 19/05/2017
SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT "One With The Universe", Electric Magic Records, 12/05/2017
STEAK "No God To Save", Ripple Music, 19/05/2017
SUMMONER "Beyond The Realm Of Light", Magnetic Eye Records, 12/05/2017
WARCRAB "Scars Of Aeons", Transcending Obscurity Records, 01/05/2017
AKATHARTA "Spiritus Immundus", Pulverised Records, 23/06/2017
BURY THE MACHINES "Wicked Covenant" EP, Midnite Collective, 09/06/2017
CIRCLE "Terminal", Southern Lord Records, 23/06/2017
DEATH THE LEVELLER s/t EP, self-release, 12/06/2017
DEMONAUTA "Tierra Del Fuego", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 09/06/2017
ENTER THE SOIL "That Ember Lit Morning", self-release, 09/06/2017 – Listen!
FIRE DOWN BELOW "Viper, Vixen, Goddes, Saint", Ripple Music, 23/06/2017
HOLLOW LEG "Crown, Murder Edition", Argonauta Records, 30/06/2017
LÂMINA "Lilith", Raging Planet, 02/06/2017
MARS RED SKY "Myramyd" 12-inch-EP, self-release, 17/06/2017
SAPATA "Satanibator", Inverse Records, 02/06/2017
SPACE WITCH "Arcanum", HeavySike Records, 09/06/2017
VOKONIS "The Sunken Djinn", Ripple Music, 09/06/2017
WASTES "Into The Void Of Human Vacuity", Code666 Records, 15/06/2017
WEIRD TALES s/t, self-release, 01/06/2017
WITCHTHROAT SERPENT 7-inch-EP, Svart Records, 16/06/2016
A STICK AND A STONE "The Long Lost Art Of Getting Lost", Sentient Ruin / Breathe Plastic / Spirit House, 21/07/2017
BORIS "Dear", Sargent House, 14/07/2017
BRUME "Rooster", DHU Records / Doom Stew Records, 15/07/2017
CAMBRIAN "Mobular", Taxi Driver Records – Listen!
CONTRA "Deny Everything", Robustfellow Productions / Shifty Records, 01/07/2017
DESTROYER OF LIGHT "Chamber Of Horrors", Heavy Friends Records, 14/07/2017
FLESHPRESS "Hulluuden Muuri", Kult Of Nihilow, 14/07/2017
GRAND DELUSION "Supreme Machine", Minotauro Records, 14/07/2017
GOD ROOT "Salt And Rot", Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, 11/07/2017
HAIR OF THE DOG "This World Turns", Kozmik Artifactz / Bilocation Records, 14/07/2017
KABBALAH "Spectral Ascent", Twin Earth Records, 07/07/2017
KING ZOG s/t, 28/07/2017
KROH "Altars", Minotauro Records, 14/07/2017
NIBIRU "Caosgon" (remastered), Argonauta Records, 07/07/2017
POSEIDON "Prologue", Ripple Music, 21/07/2017
SEER "Vol. III & IV: Cult Of The Void", Art Of Propaganda, 07/07/2017
SHROUD EATER "Strike The Sun", STB Records, 07/07/2017
THE MIDNIGHT GHOST TRAIN "Cypress Ave", Napalm Records, 28/07/2017
CANYON OF THE SKULL "The Desert Winter", self-release, 19/08/2017
CARONTE "Yoni", Ván Records, 25/08/2017
DEMON EYE "Prophecies And Lies", Soulseller Records, 11/08/2017
DEVIL ELECTRIC s/t, Kozmik Artifactz, 11/08/2017
FALSE GODS "Reports From Oblivion" EP, self-release, 18/08/2017
HELL s/t, Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 11/08/2017
HOWLING GIANT "Black Hole Space Wizard (Part 2)", Magnetic Eye Records, 25/08/2017
THE JUDGE "Tell It To The Judge", Ripple Music, 04/08/2017
LOW FLYING HAWKS "Genkaku", Magnetic Eye Records, 25/08/2017
OLDE "Temple", Magnetic Eye Records, 11/08/2017
TUNGA MOLN "III", Hevisike Records, 11/08/2017
71TONMANN "Earthwreck", Black Bow Records, 22/09/2017
BIG | BRAVE "Ardor", Southern Lord Records, 15/09/2017
CARDINALS FOLLY "Deranged Pagan Sons", Nine Records (CD) / Topillo Records (LP), 04/09/2017
CHURCH OF VOID s/t, Argonauta Records, 15/09/2017
CITIES OF MARS "Temporal Rifts", Argonauta Records, 29/09/2017
CRAWL "This Sad Cadav'r", Black Bow Records, 01/09/2017
DEADSMOKE "Mountain Legacy", Heavy Psych Sound Records, 29/09/2017
FACES OF THE BOG "Ego Death", DHU Records, 22/09/2017
HANDS OF ORLAC / THE WANDERING MIDGETSplit, Cruz Del Sur Music, 08/09/2017
MAHARAJA "Kali Yuga", self-release, 22/09/2017
MENIN "Lord Of Pain" EP, Doom Stew Records, 15/09/2017
MESMUR "S", Solitude Productions, 15/09/2017
MINDKULT "Lucifer's Dream", Transcending Obscurity Records, 20/09/2017
MONARCH "Never Forever", Profound Lore Records, 22/09/2017
MONOLORD "Rust", RidingEasy Records, 29/09/2017
PARADISE LOST "Medusa", Nuclear Blast Records, 01/09/2017
PROFETUS "Coronation of the Black Sun" (remastered), Weird Truth Productions, 27/09/2017
PROCESS OF GUILT "Black Earth", Bleak Recordings / Division Records, 22/09/2017
RED MOUNTAINS "Slow Wander", All Good Clean Records, 01/09/2017
SATOR "Ordeal", Argonauta Records, 01/09/2017
THREE EYES LEFT "The Cult Of Astaroth", Argonauta Records, 15/09/2017
UFOMAMMUT "8", Neurot Recordings, 22/09/2017
USNEA "Portals Into Futility", Relapse Records, 08/09/2017
WITH THE DEAD "Love With The Dead", Rise Above Records, 22/09/2017
APOTELESMA "Timewrought Kings", Solitude Productions, 27/10/2017
CRACKHOUSE "Ne No One. Be Nothing", Argonauta Records, 06/10/2017
ETERNAL ELYSIUM "Searching Low & High" (re-release), Robustfellow Productions
I KLATUS "Nagual Sun", self-release, 13/10/2017
IRON MONKEY "9-13", Relapse Records, 20/10/2017
JARED JAMES NICHOLS "Black Magic", Listenable Records / Edel, 27/10/2017
KALIBOS "Hexa", Darkest Age Productions, 01/10/2017
KROH "Pyres", Devizes Records, 13/10/2017
OBESE "Anamnesis", Argonauta Records, 20/10/2017
ODRADEK ROOM "A Man of Silt", Hypnotic Dirge Records / Solitude Productions, 12/10/2017
R.I.P. "Street Reaper", RidingEasy Records, 13/10/2017
PRIMITIVE MAN "Caustic", Relapse Records, 06/10/2017
PROCESSION "Doom Decimation", High Roller Records, 31/10/2017
SNOWY DUNES "Atlantis", Hevisike Records, 27/10/2017
STONEBIRDS "Time", self-release, 20/10/2017
YEAR OF THE COBRA "Burn Your Dead" EP, Magnetic Eye Records, 27/10/2017
BLACK CAPRICORN "Omega", Stone Stallion Rex, 02/11/2017
BONG CAULDRON "Binge", APF Records, 30/11/2017
CATAPULT THE DEAD "A Universal Emptiness", Doom Stew Records, 15/11/2017
DAXMA "The Head Which Becomes the Skull", Magnetic Eye Records, 17/11/2017
DEADNECK "Levitation", Kozmik Artifactz, 10/11/2017
ELECTRIC WIZARD "Wizard Bloody Wizard", Witchfinder / Spinefarm Records, 10/11/2017
FISTER & CHRCH split 12-inch, Crown and Throne Ltd, 17/11/2017
FREEDOM HAWK s/t (re-release), Ripple Music, 17/11/2017
HIGH REEPER s/t, self-release, 03/11/2017
I AM FIRE "From Ashes", Elevation Denmark, 10/11/2017
JUPITERIAN "Terraforming", Transcending Obscurity Records, 15/11/2017
LORELEI "Shadows Of October", Solitude Productions, 24/11/2017 – FB, BC
LUNA "Swallow Me Leaden Sky", Solitude Productions, 10/11/2017 – Home, BC
MAGMA RISE 10-inch vinyl, Daredevil Records, 03/11/2017
MONOLITH CULT "Gospel Of Despair", Transcending Records, 17/11/2017 – FB
PROFESSOR EMERITUS "Take Me To The Gallows", No Remorse Records, 13/11/2017
PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT "Sound Of The Wind", Listenable Records / Edel, 03/11/2017
PURPLE HILL WITCH "Celestial Cemetery", The Church Within Records, 10/11/2017
REDEMPTUS "Every Red Heart Fades To Black", Lost Pilgrims Records, 17/11/2017
SPECTRAL HAZE "Turning Electric", Totem Cat Records, 24/11/2017 – FB, BC
THE MOTH "Hysteria", This Charming Man Records, 10/11/2017
THE OBSESSED s/t (re-release), Relapse Records, 17/11/2017 – FB, BC
UR "Grey Wanderer", Droneburg Records, 24/11/2017
V "Pathogenisis", Suicide Records, 08/11/2017 – FB, BC
VESSEL OF LIGHT s/t, Argonauta Records, 03/11/2017
WOLF COUNSEL "Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos", Czar Of Bullets, 17/11/2017
YLVA "META", Pelagic Records /Translation Loss Records, 17/11/2017
ÆSTHETICA "Sonorous Æon", Esetiske Studier / Fysisk Format, 08/12/2017 – FB, BC
HAWKMOTH "Godless Summit", Black Bow Records, 14/12/2017 – FB, BC
HOODED PRIEST "The Hour Be None", I Hate Records, 01/12/2017 – Review!
INTERSTELAR "Resin", Kozmik Artifactz, 08/12/2017 – FB, BC
IRON WALRUS "A Beast Within", Redfield Records, 15/12/2017 – FB, Home
KING GOAT "Conduit" (re-release), Aural Music, 08/12/2017 – FB, BC
LES LEKIN "Died With Fear", Tonzonen Records, 01/12/2017 – FB, BC
PALE HORSEMAN "The Fourth Seal", Black Bow Records, 08/12/2017 – Review!
SNOWCHILD "Age Of Change", Kozmik Artifactz, 22/12/2017 – FB, BC
SORROWFUL LAND "Where The Sullen Waters Flow" EP, Solitude Productions, 15/12/2018 – FB, BC
THE HOWLING VOID "The Darkness at the Edge of Dawn", Avantgarde Music, 18/12/2017 – FB, BC





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